State Public Service Commission Far Western Province Miscellaneous Service, Level IV, Assistant Computer Operator post under Local Government Service Competitive Written Examination Exam Date: 2080. 05 .23

State Public Service Commission

Far Western Province

Miscellaneous Service, Level IV, Assistant Computer Operator post under Local Government Service Competitive Written Examination

Exam Date: 2080. 05 .23

1. Which of the following is not a multitasking operating system? 

(A) MS windows 

(B) Linux 

(C) Win NT, 



2. The BIOS is the abbreviation of 

(A) Basic input output system.

(B) Best input output system

(C) Basic input output symbol

(D) Base input output system


3. Which of the following is not an output device?

(A) Joystick

(B) Printer

(C) Plotter

(D) All of the above


4. Computer programs designed to perform specific tasks are known as:

(A) System software

(B) Application software 

(C) Utility program

(D) Operating system


5. Which computer memory is used for storing program and data currently being processed by the CPU?

(A) Primary memory

(B) Secondary memory 

(C) Non-volatile memory



6. Cursor is a GUI.

(A) Pixel 

(B) Thin blinking line 

(C) Pointing device 

(D) None of these


7. The two basic types of record access method are

(A) Sequential and random

(B) Sequential and indexed

(C) Direct and immediate

(D) On-line and real time


8. The communication mode that supports two-way traffic but only one direction at a time is:

(A) Simplex, 

(B) Half duplex

(C) Duplex

(D) Multiplex


9. Which of the following device is used to connect two or more networks and forwarding data between them?

(A) Hub

(B) Router 

(C) Switch. 



10. In case of the accidently deletion of a file or folder, it can be......... again from the recycle bin. 

(A) Retaken

(B) Recreated

(C) Restored

(D) Both A and B


11. Which of the following is a video conferencing tool?

(A) Zoom 

(B) Google meet

(C) MS-Team 

(D) All of the above


12. Electronic Transaction Act, 2063 has made provision of Information Technology Tribunal. How many members does it have?

(A) 1

(B) 2

(C) 3

(D) 4


13. स्थानीय सरकार संचालन ऐन, २०७४ को कुन परिच्छेदमा गाउँपालिका तथा नगरपालिकाको संख्या, सिमाना तथा केन्द्रको बारेमा उल्लेख गरेको छ

(A) परिच्छेद २ 

(B) परिच्छेद १ 

(C) परिच्छेद ५

(D) परिच्छेद - ६ 


14. विद्युतीय कारोबार ऐन, २०६३ को दफा ४४ को आधारमा कम्प्युटर स्रोत सङ्केतको चोरी, नष्ट वा परिवर्तन गरेमा के सजाय हुन्छ

(A) तिन वर्ष सम्म कैद वा दुई लाख रुपैया जरिवाना वा दुवै

(B) दुई वर्ष सम्म कैद वा दुई लाख रुपैया जरिवाना वा दुवै

(C) तिन वर्ष सम्म कैद वा तिन लाख रुपैया जरिवाना 

(D) दुई वर्ष सम्म कैद वा दुई लाख रुपैया जरिवाना


15. PowerPoint presentations are widely used as:

(A) Note outlines for teachers 

(B) Project presentations by students lepur

(C) Communication of planning

(D) All of above


16. Special effects used to introduce slides in presentation are called:

(A) Effects

(B) Custom Animations 

(C) Transitions

(D) Preset Animations


17. Which of the following option correct to insert the chart as part of the PowerPoint presentation?

(A) Insert chart

(B) Edit chart

(C) View chart

(D) All of the above 


18. In which of the following framework, data is stored in the database

(A) List

(B) Text

(C) Table

(D) Graph


19. What is DBMS?

(A) Collection of many programs to access file 

(B) Collection of interrelated data

(C) Collection of commands 

(D) All of the above


20. A primary key in any table has the properties:

(A) Not Null

(B) No Duplicates

(C) Both of above

(D) None of above


21. What is the special feature of DBMS that checks and permits only the possible values of the defined data type of the attribute?

(A) Data verification

(B) Data validation.

(C) Data filtration

(D) Data auditing


22. What is the maximum length a text field can be?

(A) 120

(B) 255

(C) 265

(D) 75


23. Which of the following criteria do NOT return the record of the field whose position is "Officer" as a match?

(A) Position="*ff*" 

(B) Position="022icer"

(C) Position"?ff*" 

(D) Position = "O#r"


24. The cell reference for a range of cells that starts in cell C1 and goes over to column H and down to row 10 is? 

(A) C1:10H

(B) C1:H10

(C) C1:H-10

(D) C1: H:10


25. A worksheet range is a

(A) A command used for data modeling 

(B) A range of values such as from 23 to 234

(C) A group of cells

(D) A group of worksheets


26. What will be the output if you format cell containing 1234.5 as #,##0.00"?

(A) 1,234.00 

(B) 1,234.50

(C) 1,234.5

(D) 1,230.00


27. Which area in an excel allows entering values and formulas?

(A) Title bar 

(B) Menu bar 

(C) Formula bar 

(D) Standard 


28. Which of the following is an absolute cell reference?

(A) !A!1

(B) $A$1

(C) #a#1

(D) A1


29. In MS Excel, which of the following is concatenating operator?

(A) Apostrophe () 

(B) Exclamation (1) 

(C) Ampersand (&) 

(D) Hash (#)


30. Which of the following is correct regarding the average function in MS-Excel?

(A) Average (4,5,6,7)

(B) Average (A1,B1,C1)

(C) Average (A1:A9,B1:B9)

(D) All of the above


31. Open worksheets can easily be switched using

(A) Ctrl + S

(B) Alt+S. 

(C) Ctrl + PgUp/PgDn

(D) Alt+PgUp/PgDn


32. Which of the following is correct syntax in Excel?

(A) =if(LogicalTest, TrueResult), if(LogicalTest, FalseResults) 

(B) =if(LogicalTest, TrueResult), if(LogicalTest, FalseResults)

(C)=if(LogicalTest, (TrueResult. FalseResults)) 

(D) =if(LogicalTest, TrueResult, FalseResults)


33. Which command will you choose to convert a column of data into row? 

(A) Cut and Paste 

(B) Edit >> Paste Special >> Transpose

(C) Both of above

(D) None of above


34. What does the VLOOKUP function do?

(A) Looks up text that contain 'y'

(B) Checks whether text is the same in one cell as in the next 

(C) Finds related records

(D) All of above


35. Which file starts MS Word through run command? 

(A) winword.exe 

(B) word.exe 

(C) msword.exe

(D) word2003.exe


36. The valid format of MS-word file is

(A) .exe

(B) .doc

(C) .png 

(D) .jpeg


37. In MS-word, what is the shortcut key to "center Align" the selected text?

(A) Ctrl + C

(B) Ctrl+E

(C) Ctrl + F

(D) None of above


38. What is the gutter margin in MS-Word?

(A) Margin that is added to the left margin when printing

(B) Margin that is added to right margin when printing

(C) Margin that is added to the binding side of page when printing 

(D) Margin that is added to the outside of the page when printing


39. To save an existing word document in a new file with a different location, click on

(A) Save Command

(B) Save as command

(C) Version Command.

(D) Export Command


40. In MS-word, you can detect spelling and grammar error by pressing?

(A) F7

(B) Shift + F7

(C) Ctrl + F7

(D) Alt+F7


41. The ability to combine a list of name and addresses with a standard document to send to multiple recipients called

(A) Document formatting

(B) Database management

(C) Mail merge

(D) Form letters


42. Which of the following is Page Orientation in word processing?

(A) Landscape

(B) Portrait

(C) Gutter

(D) Only A & B


43. When Hyperlink is created, Word formats the web address as .........

(A) Italicized and Colored Blue

(B) Underlined and Colored Blue 

(C) Underlined and Colored Purple 

(D) Underlined and Colored Red


44. In Word Processing, the space left among the margin and the start of a paragraph is known as 

(A) Indentation

(B) Gutter

(C) Spacing

(D) Alignment



45. Which key do you press to force a page break?


(B) CTRL+break

(C) CTRL+Enter

(D) None of the above


46. Superscript, Subscript, Outline, Emboss, Engrave are known as:

(A) Font Styles

(B) Font Effects

(C) Word Art

(D) Text Effects


47. Which type of command requires additional files to perform specific operations? 

(A) Internal commands

(B) External commands

(C) Valuable commands

(D) Primary commands


48. The operating system is the most common type of......... software:

(A) Communication

(B) Application

(C) System

(D) Word processing software


49.………….. is a window utility program that locates and eliminates unnecessary fragments and rearranges files and unused disk space to optimize operations. 

(A) Restore 

(B) Disk Cleanup

(C) Disk Defragmenter

(D) Disk Checkup


50. Identify false statement:

(A) Deleted files can be found in recycle bin

(B) Any files can be restored from the recycle bin 

(C) By sending files in recycle bin, disk space cas

(D) By right clicking and choosing empty yele bin, all data can be cleaned at once.


<<The End>>










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