Koshi Province 2079.01.12


State Public Service Commission
Koshi Pradesh, Biratnagar, Nepal
Various services under local government services,
Open Competitive Written Examination for the post of Assistant Level 5th, Computer Operator

1. Which function allows user to repeat certain rows and columns on each page while printing.............
A. Print Repeat
.B. Print Header
C. Print Title
D. Print Cells

2. The shortcut to shift active cell to one screen right
A. Alt + Page up
B. Alt + Page down
C. Ctrl + Page up
.D. Ctrl+ Page down

3. Which of the following is conditional function?
A. Round
B. And
.C. If
D. Sum

4. The shortcut to insert function is...
A. F3
B. Alt+F3
C. Ctrl+F3
.D. Shift+F3

5. What divides windows into two different panes that cache scroll separately?
A. Mirror
.B. Split
C. Slide
D. Pane Manager

6. Function in Excel allows you to adjust an input value in a formula to determine a desired outcome
A. Pivot Table
B. Audit
C. Scenario
.D. Goal seek

7. Which of the following is the correct order of keywords for SQL SELECT statements?

8. The technique which defines a set of values acceptable for the field is known as...
A. Authentication
B. Acceptance
C. Verification
.D. Validation

9. DML stands for...
.A. Data Manipulation Language .
B. Data Multiplication Language
C. Data Matching Language
D. Data Masking Language

10. What are the main building blocks of a database?
A. Lists
B. Queries
.C. Tables
D. Forms

11. Which of the following is the property of primary key?
.A. Unique
B. Image
C. Repeated
D. Single bit

12. Which keyword is used to find the number of values in a column?
A. Value
B. Total
C. Find
.D. Count

13. Which is not a slide transition type?
A. Blinds
B. Swivel
C. Wind
.D. Flash

14. Master Slide is used for...
A. Header and Footer
B. Table Slide Design
.C. Auto Layout
D. Text Holders

15. IMG SRC-File name...is used to
.A. Insert image file
B. Source file
C. Hyperlink
D. None of the above

16. A HREF File Name is used for
.A. Hyperlink
B. Insert image file
C. Alignment
D. Paragraph formatting

17. Which of the following is not true about video conferencing tools-Zoom or Team?
A. Participant's open window can be shared
B. Host can restrict participant from sharing screen
C. Entering a meeting can be password protected
.D. Host can access participant's computer via Zoom or Team

18. The Electronic Transaction Act was passed as law in B.S....
A. 2060
.B. 2063
C. 2068
D. 2072

19. Which is not the E-Governance Pillar?
A. E-Administration
B. E-Democracy
C. E-Services
.D. Virtual Reality

20. The Disaster Recovery (DR) site of the Government Integrated Data Center (GIDC) is established in...
A. Biratnagar
B. Butwal
.C. Hetauda
D. Nepalgunj

21. Which of the following is soft output device?
A. Printer
.B. Monitor
C. Plotter
D. Keyboard

22. Fifth generation computer use...
A. Vacuum Tube
D. Transistor

23. VGA stands for...
A. Visual Graphics Array
.C. Video Graphics Array
B. Visual Graphics Adaptor
D. Video Graphics Adaptor

24. SSD Stands for...
A. Semiconductor Specified Device
.B. Solid State Device
C. Secure State Device
D. Silicon State Device

25. A computer program that converts entire program into machine language is called...
A. Interpreter
.B. Compiler
C. Simulator
D. None of the above

26. A step-by-step procedure to solve a problem is called...
.A. Algorithm
B. Syntax
C. Program
D. Error

27. Which of the following memories has the shortest access time?
.A. Cache memory
B. Magnetic bubble memory
C. Magnetic core memory

28. Which protocol is used to address the webpage in Internet?

29. CMOS stands for...
A. Complements Main-Oxidation Semiconductor
B. Complementary Main-Oxide Semiconductor
.C. Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor
D. Configuration Management and Option Semiconductor

30. Faster data communication is possible when using...
A. Twisted pair
B. Co-axial cable
.C. Optical fiber
D. Normal wise

31. SMTP stands for...
.A. Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
B. Simple Machine Transfer Protocol
C. Simple Merge Transfer Protocol
D. Simple Mail Travel Protocol

32. LPT port in computer is used for...
A. Serial Communication
.B. Parallel Communication
C. Power Supply
D. Video Out

33. The primary job of the operating system is to...
A. Manage Commands
B. Manage Users
C. Manage Programs
.D. Manage Resources

34. When there is enough memory to fit a process in memory, but the space is not contiguous we need.
A. Internal Fragmentation
.B. Virtual Fragmentation
C. External Fragmentation
D. None of the above

35. Each time you turn on your computer, which of the following control files are checked on?
A. Command.com, io.sys
B. Command.com, date.com, dir.com
.C. Command.com, io.sys, msdos.sys
D. Chkdsk.exe

36. The operating system keeps the information of files in a table is called...
A. File Folder Table (FFT)
B. File Index Table (FIT)
.C. File Allocation Table (FAT)
D. Directory Index Table (DIT)

37. Which menu in MS-Word can be used to change page size & typeface?
A. View
B. Tools
C. Data
.D. Format

38. Maximum font size in word is...
A. 48
B. 54
.C. 72
D. 78

39. Shortcut to insert the page break in word is ...
A. Alt+Enter
B. Shift + Enter
.C. Ctrl+Enter
D. Tab + Enter

40. Key combination used for thesaurus is...
A. Shift + F1
B. Shift + F3
.C. Shift+F7
D. Shift + F9

41. The list of addresses in the mail merge is also known as...
A. Invitee
•B. Recipient
C. Addressee
D. Meta tag

42. What is portion of a document in which you set certain page formatting options as default?
B. Document
A. Page
D. Page Setup
.C. Section

43. .....is tool to apply same format to different character/paragraph.
.A. Format painter
B. Format generator
C. Format applier
D. Format manager

44. What is the short cut to align text to center?
A. Ctrl+S
B. Ctrl + L
C. Ctrl+C
.D. Ctrl + E

45. The ghost text that appears behind the text is known as...
A. Ghost Mark
C. Paper Mark
.B. Water Mark
D. Background Mark

46..... is note at the bottom of the page providing more info about something in the document.
A. Citation
B. Table of content
.C. Footnote
D. Footer

47. Which of the following is an absolute cell reference?
.A. $C$1
B. $D1$
C. C$1$
D. C1$

48. Comments can be added to cells using...
.A. Review->Comments
B. Insert->Comments
D. View->Comments
C. File->Comments

49. What is the maximum number of columns in worksheet?
.A. 256
B. 255
C. 65,536
D. 131,072

50. Getting data from cell located in different sheet is called...
.A. Referencing
B. Updating
C. Functioning
D. Validating

<<The End>>

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