Nepal Transport and Warehousing Company Limited ,Open Competitive Written Examination 2079/11/18

Public Service Commission

Nepal Transport and Warehousing Company Limited

Technician, Fifth, Senior Assistant, Computer Operator

Post, Open Competitive Written Examination 2079/11/18

1. The slide that is used to introduce a topic and set the tone for the presentation is called the..... slide.
A) Table
B) Graph
C) Bullet
D) Title

2. An advantage of the database management approach is that......
A) data is dependent on programs
B) data redundancy increases
C) data is integrated and can be accessed by multiple programs
D) data is never lost

3. Which of the following store command to retrieve data from database?
A) Forms
B) Reports
C) Queries
D) Tables

4. What is the size of 'Yes/No' field?
A) 1 bit

B) 1 byte
C) 2 bit
D) 2 byte

5. Which option allows you to build a new table by entering data directly into the
datasheet, in the case of database application?

A) Datasheet View
B) Worksheet View
C) Design View
D) Form View

6. Which of the following keys is generally used to represent the relationships between the tables?
A) Primary key
B) Foreign key
C) Secondary key
D) Super key

7. Which of the following attributes is valid for <table> tag?

8. Which program is used by web clients to view the web pages?
A) Web browser
B) Protocol
C) Web server
D) Search engine

9. Correct HTML tag to left align the content inside a table cell is .....
A) <tdleft>
B) <td lalign="left">
C) <td align="left">
D) <td leftalign>

10. Choose the correct HTML tag to make a text bold.
A) <b>
B) <bold>
C) <bb>
D) <bld>

11. A collection of hyperlinked documents on the internet forms the .....
A) E-mail System
B) World Wide Web
C) Mailing List
D) Hypertext Markup Language

12. The term IANA, which is a popular term among network engineers, stands for......

A) Internet Assigned Numbers Authority

B) Internal Assigned Numbers Authority

C) Internet Associations Naming Authority

D) Internet Address Naming Authority

13. Which of the following network utilities is used to obtain domain name or IP address mapping?





14. A client of the DNS (Domain Name System) application is called .....
A) DNS Client
B) DNS Server
C) DNS Resolver
D) DNS Requester

15...... can be a software program or a hardware device that filters all data packets coming through the internet.
A) Antivirus
B) Firewall
C) Malware
D) Cookies

16. Identity can be established during authentication with ......
A) Password
B) Token
C) Biometric
D) All of the above

17. Which of the following DDOS in mobile systems wait for the owner to trigger the cyber-attack?
A) Botnets
B) Programs
C) Viruses
D) Worms

18. Which of the following ensures that the message is real, accurate and safeguards from unauthorized user modification during the transmission?
A) Authentication
B) Non-repudiation
C) Integrity
D) Availability

19. Who is authorized body to issue digital signature certificate to public?
A) Controller
B) Deputy Controller
C) Director General of Department of IT
D) Certifying Authority

20. Where is the Disaster Recovery (DR) site of the Government Integrated Data Center (GIDC) established?
A) Biratnagar
B) Butwal
C) Hetauda
D) Nepalgunj

21. In data processing, MIPS stands for......
A) Million Inputs Per Second
B) Million Instructions Per Second
C) Mega Information Processing System
D) Micro Instructions Per Second

22. Computers use Integrated Circuit (IC) chips, which use.....
A) Silver
B) Copper
C) Gold
D) Silicon

23. Which of the following is the smallest visual element on a video monitor?
A) Pixel
B) Character
C) Byte
D) Bit

24. Which of the following memories has the shortest access time?
A) Cache Memory
B) Magnetic Bubble Memory
C) Magnetic Core Memory

25. The central processing unit is located in the .....
A) Hard disk
B) Monitor
C) Memory unit
D) System unit

26...... is used to transfer between CPU and cache.
A) Block transfer
B) Word transfer
C) Associative transfer
D) Set transfer

27. Which of the following is not an audio file extension?
C) .mpa

28. Which of the following is designed to control the operations of a computer?
A) User
B) Application Software
C) System Software
D) Utility Software

29. Which of the following is not an operating system?
A) Windows
B) Linux
C) Oracle

30. Which command is used to setup hard disk?
A) loadfix
B) expand
C) share
D) fdisk

31. Which is not the core function of the operating system?
A) Memory management
B) Application management
C) Disk management
D) Virus protection

32. What is the shortcut key used to refresh the active windows?
A) F5
B) F6
C) F7
D) F8

33...... is not an essential component to perform mail merge operation.
A) Word Fields

B) Main Document
C) Data Source
D) Merge Fields

34. Finding a text to change and replace it with something other can be done by.....
A) Ctrl+C
B) Ctrl+F
C) Ctrl+H
D) All of the above

35. Which of the following is never placed at the top of a page by a word processing software package?
A) Running heads
B) Footers
C) Headers
D) Page numbers

36. Superscript, subscript, outline, emboss, engrave are known as ......
A) Text effects
B) Word arts
C) Font styles
D) Font effects

37. What is the purpose of gutter margin?
A) Margin that is added to the left margin when printing
B) Margin that is added to the right margin when printing
C) Margin that is added to binding side of page when printing
D) Margin that is added to the outside of the page when printing

38. In word processing, page formatting options are set on .....
A) Document
B) Page
C) Section
D) Worksheet

39. Which of the following shortcut combination opens Thesaurus?
A) Shift+F7
B) Ctrl+F7
C) Alt+F7
D) F7

40. Which of the following is an example of page orientation?
A) Landscape

B) Subscript
C) Superscript
D) A4

41. An Excel Workbook consists of...........
A) Charts
B) Worksheets
C) Workspace
D) Worksheets and Workspace

42............. help us to see patterns.
A) Charts

B) Graphs
C) Spreadsheets
D) Calculations.

43. What happens when you press Ctrl+X after selecting some cells in Excel?
A) The cell content of selected cells disappear from cell and stored in clipboard
B) The cells selected are marked for cutting
C) The selected cells are deleted and the cells are shifted left
D) The selected cells are deleted and cells are shifted up

44. Which one of the following is a 'Date and Time function' in spreadsheet?
B) MOD()
C) NOW()
D) MID()

45. In electronic spreadsheet, the value of the formula = (7-3)(1+6)/4 is .....
A) 12
B) 1.5
C) 7
D) 2.5

46. In a spreadsheet, which of the following represents the absolute cell reference?
A) B3
B) $B$3
C) B$3
D) $B3

47. In a computer, if custom format is '#,## #', then 1500 will be displayed as.....
A) 150,00
B) 15,00
C) 1,500
D) 15,000

48. 'TRUE' or 'FALSE' is not displayed as a result for ..... function.

49. Which of the following shortcut key is used to start the slideshow?
A) Using F5 key
B) Using F3 key
C) Using F1 key
D) Using F6 key

50...... is special effect in PowerPoint Presentation which is used to introduce slides.
A) Animation effect
B) Transition effect
C) Custom animation effect
D) Transitional animation effect

-The End-


Public Service Commission

Nepal Transport and Warehousing Company Limited

Technician, Fifth, Senior Assistant, Computer Operator

Post, Open Competitive Written Examination 2079/11/18


Subject: Service Related

                                      Section: "A"                                               50 Marks

1. Define Software. Briefly explain about its types with examples. Discuss the importance of cache memory in computer system.                                                                      2+5+3

2. What are the functions of operating systems? Write any five system tools and their usage.                                                                                                                          5+5

3. Write down the steps for mail merge in word processing. Describe Object Linking and Embedding (OLE).                                                                                                    5+5

4. What is a worksheet? What is the difference between cell and cell address? How do you calculate sum and average of the numbers in a row?                                                 3+4+3

5. Discuss the benefits of Presentation application. Explain the concept and significance of Animation effects in presentation.                                                                              5+5

                                      Section: "B"                                               50 Marks

6. What is Database Management System (DBMS)? Discuss the types of relationships in database. Distinguish between formatting and validating field data with examples.                                                                                                                                        2+4+4

7. Describe CMS with its common features. Write short notes on CSS and RSS.                                                                                                                                     5+5

8. Define Hub, Switch and Router and also differentiate among them. Explain IPv4 addressing with its classes in brief.                                                                              3+3+4

9. What is cyber security threat? Explain any four security threats.                           2+8

10. विद्युतीय कारोबार ऐन, २०६३ ले व्यवस्था गरेअनुसार नियन्त्रकको काम, कर्तव्य र अधिकार उल्लेख गर्नुहोस् ।                                                                                                                         10

- The End -

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