Ms Access-3


Ms Access-3

MS-Access lets users link to data in its current location and use the information for viewing, querying, updating, and reporting. It's simple to install and easy to understand. It lets users create tables, forms, queries, and reports and connect with the aid of Macros.

1. It is a query that when run displays its own dialog box prompting you for information, such as

(A) Append

(B) Parameter

(C) Crosstab

(D) Select


2. Row in an Access table is also known as ____

(A) Type

(B) Data

(C) Record

(D) Field


3. The appropriate Data Type to store Time in MS Access?

(A) Time cannot be stored

(B) Time

(C) Time Only

(D) Date/Time


4. Which of the following data type stores text or a combination of text and numbers?

(A) Ole

(B) Text

(C) Currency

(D) Number


5. Unlike text data type, this can store up to maximum of 65,535 characters.

(A) Date/time

(B) Number

(C) Memo

(D) All of above


6. In MS Access, AutoNumber Data Type

(A) Can be Sequential

(B) Can be Random

(C) Only A & B

(D) Can be Edited


7. In MS Access, which data type is appropriate to store large text and numbers?

(A) Large Text


(C) Memo

(D) Text 

8. Which is the valid data type in Access?

(A) Currency

(B) Text

(C) Number

(D) All of the above


9. Which type of terminal is entirely dependent for all its capabilities in the computer system to which it is connected?

(A) Intelligent terminal

(B) CRT Display

(C) Smart terminal

(D) Dumb terminal


10. The default data type for a field is

(A) Varchar

(B) AutoNumber

(C) Number

(D) Text


11. This data type allows alphanumeric characters and special symbols.

(A) Auto number

(B) Memo

(C) Text

(D) All of the above


12. Access is a

(A) RDBMS (Relational DBMS)

(B) DDBMS (Distributed DBMS)

(C) OODBMS (object Oriented DBMS)

(D) All of the above


13. To open a new database, press

(A) Ctrl + O

(B) Ctrl + N

(C) Ctrl + M

(D) Ctrl + S


14. A ______ is the collection of data items of all the fields pertaining to one entity.

(A) Field

(B) Form

(C) Record

(D) Report


15. It is used to calculate and restructure data for easier analysis of your data. It calculates the sum

(A) Append

(B) Crosstab

(C) Parameter

(D) Select


16. Which is not a view to create a table in Access?

(A) Pivot Table and Pivot Chart view

(B) Database view

(C) Design view

(D) All of the above


17. Which of the following creates a drop down list of values to choose from?

(A) ID

(B) Hyperlink

(C) Lookup wizard

(D) Clip object


18. A ____ enables you to view data from a table based on a specific criterion.

(A) Query

(B) Modules

(C) Form

(D) Report


19. In MS Access “ Hyperlink” Data Type can store

(A) Web Address

(B) Email Address

(C) Path of a File

(D) All of Above


20. It is a database object to view, change, and analyze data in different ways

(A) Form

(B) Report

(C) Query

(D) All of the above


21. The executive responsible for the data processing function in an organization is






22. _____ button helps to search quickly for every occurrence of a specific word or phrase.

(A) Justify

(B) Find

(C) Bullet

(D) Sort


23. In access, this displays the results of a calculation in a query

(A) Child field

(B) Calculated field

(C) Source field

(D) Lookup field


24. Data items groped together for storage purposes are called a

(A) Record

(B) List

(C) String

(D) Title


25.Which of the following is database management system software?

(A) Firefox

(B) MS Access

(C) MS PowerPoint

(D) MS Word

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