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MS-Access lets users link to data in its current location and use the information for viewing, querying, updating, and reporting. It's simple to install and easy to understand. It lets users create tables, forms, queries, and reports and connect with the aid of Macros.

1. Microsoft Access is a _____

(A) Network Database Model





2. Which of the following is not a type of Microsoft access database object?

(A) Macros

(B) Modules

(C) Worksheets

(D) Table


3. A subset of characters within a data field is known as

(A) Byte

(B) File

(C) Record

(D) Data string


4. Press _____ to quit MS Access.

(A) Tab +F4

(B) Esc+ W

(C) Ctrl +F4

(D) Alt+F4


5. ____ is not a valid data type in MS Access.

(A) Auto number

(B) Currency

(C) Memo

(D) Picture


6. A _____ is an area reserved for a specific piece of data.

(A) Report

(B) Key

(C) Record

(D) Field


7. What is the maximum length a text field can be?

(A) 75

(B) 120

(C) 255

(D) 265


8. In Access, ____ are used to store the data.

(A) Report

(B) Form

(C) Table

(D) Query


9. Which tool do you use to create a query object?

(A) Table query wizard

(B) Simple query wizard

(C) Simple filer wizard

(D) Database wizard


10. Open the Save As dialog box

(A) F1

(B) F2

(C) F10

(D) F12


11. Which of the following is the ascending order of data hierarchy?

(A) Bit – Byte – Field – Record – Database – File

(B) Bit – Byte – Field – Record – File – Database

(C) Byte - Bit – Field – Record – File – Database

(D) Bit - Byte – Record – Field – File – Database


12. In one to many relationship the table in ‘one’ slide is called ______ and on ‘many’ side is called ______

(A) Father, Son

(B) Brother, Sister

(C) Parent, Child

(D) Child, Parent


13. To create a table in MS Access

(A) Database should be created before creating a table

(B) You should allow atleast one Primary key in a table

(C) Table can be created using Table Templates

(D) All of the above


14. Database access levels are specified so as to define who can access what in a database, it is identified through

(A) User ID

(B) Password

(C) Status

(D) All of these


15. The default and maximum size of text field in access

(A) 50 and 255 characters

(B) 266 characters and 6400 characters

(C) 288 characters and 6880 characters

(D) 299 characters and 6499 characters


16. ____ enables the user to automatically insert numbers in a sequential or random number.

(A) Auto Number

(B) Look up Wizard

(C) Hyperlink

(D) Ole object


17. A file containing relatively permanent data is

(A) Sequential file

(B) Transaction file

(C) Master file

(D) Random file


18. The checking operation performed on input data is called the

(A) Control of data

(B) Validation of data

(C) Cross check

(D) Verification of data


19. A search value can be exact value or it can be

(A) Wild card character

(B) Comparison operation

(C) Relationship

(D) Logical operator


20. Which of the following is not a Form style available in the Form Wizard dialog box?

(A) Stone

(B) Standard

(C) Highlights

(D) Blends


21. This form displays multiple records, one per row, in the form window

(A) Justified

(B) Columnar

(C) Tabular

(D) Datasheet


22. In a database table, the category of information is called ____

(A) Tuple

(B) Field

(C) Record

(D) All of above


23. The columns in a Microsoft Access table are called as ____

(A) Fields

(B) Macro

(C) Columns

(D) Records


24. In Access table, column is also known as ____

(A) Type

(B) Data

(C) Record

(D) Field


25. Which of the following is not a valid Data Type in MS Access?

(A) AutoNumber

(B) Currency

(C) Picture

(D) Memo

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