Karnali State, Computer Operator Exam 2079/02/10


State Public Service Commission,

Karnali State

Miscellaneous Services, Assistant Level 5th Level, Open Competitive Written Examination for the post of Computer Technician

Date 2079-02-10


1. BIOS stands for

A. Base Interface Operating System 

B. Basic Input Output System

C. Base Interaction for Output System 

D. Basic Interface to Operating System.

2. Personal Computers use a number of chips mounted on a main circuit board. What is the common name for such boards?

A. Daughter board 

B. Motherboard

C. Father board

D. Breadboard


3. Which of the following is still being used for adding numbers? 





4. Which is a device that changes information into digital form?

A. Modem

B. Digitizer 

C. Mouse legitimate

D. Light pen 

5. The malware that is often disguised as legitimate software to gain access to users' system is known as ......

A. trojan horse

B. antivirus

C. worm



6. The smallest unit of data in computer is.....

A. Byte

B. Nibble

C. Bit

D. Gigabyte

7. According to Electronic Transaction Act, who appoints Controller?

A. Office of the Company Registrar

B. Nepal Government

C. Department of Information Technology

D. Ministry of General Administration

8. What could cause a fixed disk error?

A. No-CD installed

B. Bad RAM

C. Slow Processor

D. Incorrect CMOS settings

9. Boot sequence is changed from .....

A. Setting.


C. Control Panel

D. Taskbar 

10. Which of the following mode loads minimal set of drivers during the Windows Startup?

A. VGA Mode

B. Safe Mode

C. Normal Mode

D. Network Mode 

11. The primary job of the operating system is to

A. Manage Commands

B. Manage Users

C. Manage Programs

D. Manage Resources 

12. Which of the following is the most important reason for installing windows updates?

A. They may include security patches

B. They can improve performance of PC

C. They may fix bugs in OS

D. They may speed up computer start up 

13. Which of the following is the layer of a computer system between the hardware and the user program?

A. Utility program

B. Firmware

C. Operating System

D. Database 

14. DLL stands for

A. Dynamic Loader Link 

B. Dynamic Link Libraries

C. Dynamic Loader Libraries

D. Dynamic Link Loaders 

15. Which device forwards packets between networks by processing the routing information included in the packet?

A. bridge

B. firewall

C. router

D. hub 

16. In OSI model, what is the main function of the transport layer?

A. node-to-node delivery

B. process-to-process message delivery

C. synchronization

D. updating and maintenance of routing tables 

17. The physical path over which a message travels is called .....

A. Path

B. Medium

C. Protocol

D. Route 

18. The network layer concerns with

A. Frames

B. Bits

C. Packets

D. Linker 

19. Which of the following network utility is used to query the DNS to obtain themapping between domain name and IP address? 





20. In MS-Word, search & replace is done by

A Ctrl+H

B. Ctrl+E

C. Ctrl+R

D. Ctrl+F 

21. Which tool lets to generate form letters?

A. Letter writer

B. Mail merge

C. Mail letter

D. Mail ready 

22. In which view are Headers and Footers visible?

A. Normal View View

B. Page Layout View

C. Print Layout View

D. Draft View 

23. The process of removing unwanted part of an image is called

A. Hiding

B. Bordering

C. Cropping

D. Cutting 

24. An Excel Workbook consists of....

A. Worksheets

B. Charts

C. Workspace

D. Worksheets & Charts 

25. Which of the following is NOT true regarding conditional formatting?

A. You can add more than one condition to check

B. You can set condition to look for Bold and apply Italics on them

C. You can apply Font, border and pattern formats that meets the specified conditions

D. You can delete any condition from Conditional Formatting dialog box if it

is not required 

26. Formulas in Excel start with which of the following operator?

A. /

B. $

C. =

D. - 

27. Pivot table is a tool to

A. Extrapolate value

B. Calculate sub total

C. Export data into other formats

D. Extract the significance from a large, detailed data set 

28. Which feature allows us to view slides in a slide show without manually advancing each slide?

A. Animation

B. Layout

C. Transition

D. Design 

29. Which of the following is NOT a property of transactions?

A. Atomicity

B. Isolation

C. Concurrency

D. Durability 

30. Which of the following key represents relationship between tables?

A. primary key

B. secondary key

C. foreign key

D. tertiary key 

31. Which operator retrieves rows from more than one tables?

A. Concate

B. Join

C. Append

D. Merge 

32. <title>... </title> is included inside

A. <body>      </body>

B. <head>       </head>

C. <div>          </div>

D. None of the above. 

33. Which CSS property is used to control the text-size of an element?

A. text-style

B. text-size

C. font-size

D. font-style 

34. The best time to introduce security into an application is at the...... .... phase.

A. Requirement Analysis

B. System Design

C. Development

D. Testing 

35. What is the first step in the software development lifecycle?

A. System Design

B. Coding

C. System Testing

D. Preliminary Investigation and Analysis 


1. What are the functions of the following networking devices?                                      5

a. Switch

b. Router

c. Access Point

d. Firewall

e. Modem 

2. Briefly describe about any five functions available in the Electronic Spreadsheet with

examples.                                                                                                                               5 

3. What is the importance of software testing? Mention any two types of software testing.5 

Best of Luck!

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