Bagmati Province,Computer Operator 2078/11/19

Province Public Service Commission

Bagamati Province

5th Level, Computer Operator 

Open Competitive Written Examination


1. Generating Key of pair by applying the secured asymmetric crypto system is the function of a .... as per Electronic Transaction Act, 2063. 

(A) Controller

(B) Subscriber

(C) Network Service Provider

(D) Certifying Authority


2. On a movable head system, the time it takes to position the read/write head at the desired track is called:

(A) Seek time

(B) Latency time

(C) Access time

(D) Transfer Time


3. Boot sequence is changed from:

(A) Setting

(B) Control Panel

(C) Taskbar



4. The memory between the CPU & the main memory is called:

(A) Storage Memory 

(B) Virtual Memory 

(C) Register Memory

(D) Cache Memory


5. What is the name of the display feature that highlights the area of the screen which requires operator attention? 

(A) Pixel Video

(B) Reverse Video

(C) Touch Screen

(D) Cursor


6. Memory that is directly accessed by the CPU is:


(B) Hard Disk

(C) Cache Memory

(D) Flash Memory


7...........means the protection of data from modification by unknown users.

(A) Confidentiality

(B) Integrity

(C) Authentication

(D) Non-repudiation


8. File type can be represented by:

(A) File name 

(B) File extension

(C) File identifier

(D)  None of the above 


9. To eliminates unnecessary fragments, rearranges file and unused disk space to optimize operations

(A) Restore

(B) Disk Scan

(C) Disk Defragmenter

(D) Disk Clean-up


10. Control panel has all the following components except

(A) Language

(B) Sound

(C) Character Map

(D) Programs and Features


11. If a process fails, most operating system write the error information to a:

(A) Log file

(B) Another running process

(C) New file

(D) None of the above


12. Command in DOS to display and changes attribute of file:

(A) chngatr 

(B) attribute 

(C) attribch

(D) attrib


13. To move directly to specific location in a document, choose: 

(A) Subdocuments 

(B) Bookmarks

(C) Cross-references 

(D) Outlines


14. The feature of MS-Word that combines a set of database records with a main documents is:

(A) Thesaurus

(B) Mail Merge 

(C) Auto Correct

(D) Word Wrap


15. The shortcut key combination to split a table in MS-Word documents is:

(A) Ctrl+Alt+Enter

(B) Ctrl + Shift+Enter

(C) Alt+Shift + Enter 

(D) Alt+Space+Enter


16. Footnotes, endnotes and indexes are inserted in a document as:

(A) Bookmarks 

(B) Cross-reference 

(C) Hyperlinks

(D) Word fields


17. Indentation in computer word processing is used to:

(A) Make the text readable 

(B) Change the paragraph color

(C)Apply border around text

(D) Change line spacing


18. Which feature will you use to know what changes made to a document in MS-Word?

(A) Editions

(B) Versions 

(C) Track Change

(D) All of the above


19.We press F8 key...... times to select a sentence in a document.

(A) 1

(B) 2

(C) 3

(D) 4


20. ........enable user to see two sections of the document at the same time. 

(A) New Window

(B) Switch

(C) Zoom

(D) Split


21. Which of the following is NOT option in document security of Word Program?

(A) Always Open Read-Only

(B) Restrict Editing

(C) Restrict Access

(D) Restrict Saving


22. What is the shortcut to justify text to center?

(A) Ctrl+S 

(B) Ctrl+L 

(C) Ctrl+C

(D) Ctrl+E


23. Which of the following is Not one of Excel's What-if function?

(A) Solver

(B) Goal Seek

(C) Auto Outline

(D) Scenario Manager


24. How to display updatable current date in MS-Excel? 

(A) =DATE() 

(B)  =TODAY()

(C) =NOW()

(D) =CTRL+;


25. $K$5 denotes;

(A) Relative Cell reference 

(B) Absolute Cell reference 

(C) Mixed Cell reference

(D) All of the above


26. Which of the following contains the name of each record on the chart"

(A) Cell 

(B) Title 

(C) Axis

(D) Legend


27. Which function can be used to calculate the monthly mortgage payment? 

(A) PMT 


(C) PV 



28.All are advantages of using Electronic Spreadsheet Except:

(A) Ease of Use

(B) Automatic Calculations

(C) No log of change 

(D) What-if analysis


29.If the data you want to filter requires more than one condition, you can use which filter?

(A) Advanced Filter 

(B) Auto Filter 

(D) Simple Filter

(C) Update Filter


30. Getting data from a cell located in a different sheet is called:

(A) Referencing 

(B) Updating

(C) Functioning

(D) Validating


31. Function which causes retrieval of any kind of data from database is considered as:

(A) Key

(B) Query

(C) Structure

(D) Storing cycle


32. In which method you don't need to specify the field type and size while creating a new table in MS Access

(A) Create Table using Wizard 

(B) Create Table by Entering Data 

(C) Create Table in Design View

(D) All of the above


33.Which of the following is not the data type in MS-Access?

(A) Number

(B) Date

(C) Text

(D) Identifier


34. The database is partitioned into fixed-length storage units called: 

(A) Parts 

(B) Blocks

(C) Reads

(D) Build


35. Which of the following is the property of Primary Key? 

(A) Complex

(B) Unique 

(C) Image

(D) Repeated


36. How can you create a New Presentation? 

(A) From Design Template

(B)From Blank Presentation

(C) From Existing Presentation 

(D) All of the above


37. To insert a new slide in the Current Presentation, we can choose

(A) Ctrl+M

(B) Ctrl+N

(C) Ctrl+O

(D) Ctrl+P


 38. Which option can be used to create a new slide show with the current slides presented in different order?

(A) Setup Slide Show

(B) Record Slide Show

(C) Custom Slide Show

(D) Rehearse Timing


39. Which tag is used to display a picture in a webpage?

(A) <picture> tag 

(B) <image>tag

(C) <img> tag

(D) <sre> tag


40. Relative URLs are used to:

(A) Link other pages within the same site 

(B) Link same pages with other sites.

(C) Link other pages with other sites

(D) Does not linked


41. What is tag to add hyperlink? 

(A) <a href="Target"> Link Text</a>

(B) <a src="Target"> Link Text</a>

(C) name"Target">Link Text</a> 

(D) <link src="source"> Link Text</a>


42. Low Level Programming Language is also known as:

(A) Object Oriented Language 

(B) Machine Level Language

(C) Procedural Oriented Language 

(D) Processor Level Language


43.Transistor is related to...... generation computers,

(A) Second

(B) Third

(C) Fourth

(D) Fifth 


44. A video consists of a sequence of

(A) Frames

(B) Packets

(C) Signals 

(D) Pulses

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