Model Set-2


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Model Set-2

1. The "home page" of a web site is:

(A) The largest page

(B) The last page

(C) The first page

(D) The most colorful page


2. What would you use for immediate, real-time communication with a friend?

(A) Instant Messenging

(B) E-Mail

(C) Usenet

(D) A mailing list


3. When discussing technology, a hot spot is:

(A) A small overheated area on a CPU

(B) A place served by public wireless access

(C) Jargon for an X-rated Web site

(D) A faulty area in the programming code


4. Lately you hear a clatter from your computer, especially when you load a program or call up information. What's going on?

(A) It's infested with reindeer

(B) Your hard disk may be headed for failure

(C) A loose wire is hitting the cooling fan

(D) A loud metallic clatter is normal


5. Which of the following operating systems is produced by IBM?

(A) OS-2

(B) Windows




6. Which is the best search tool for finding Web sites that have been handpicked and recommended by someone else?

(A) Subject directories

(B) Search engines

(C) Meta-search engines

(D) Discussion groups


7. What is LCP?

(A) Local Connection Protocol

(B) Lost Connection Problem

(C) Link Control Protocol

(D) Laggy Connection Problem


8. What is a spider?

(A) A computer virus

(B) A program that catalogs Web sites

(C) A hacker who breaks into computer systems

(D) An application for viewing Web sites


9. A computer virus that actively attacks an anti-virus program or programs in an effort to prevent detection is:

(A) Worm

(B) Retrovirus

(C) Trojan

(D) Ghost virus


10. Which of the following word processors came first?

(A) Word Perfect

(B) Lotus Notes

(C) MS Word

(D) Word Star


11. What is the World Wide Web?

(A) A computer game

(B) A software program

(C) The part of the Internet that enables information-sharing via interconnected pages

(D) Another name for the Internet


12. What is a MAC?

(A) A Computer made by Apple

(B) Memory Address Corruption

(C) Mediocre Apple Computer

(D) Media Access Control


13. The first graphical browser for the WWW was named:

(A) Netscape

(B) Veronica

(C) Mosaic

(D) Explorer


14. In 1983, which person was the first to offer a definition of the term 'computer virus'?

(A) McAfee

(B) Smith

(C) Cohen

(D) Norton


15. Which of the following terms applies to communication between separate computer systems?

(A) Computer literacy

(B) Power supply

(C) Applications software

(D) Connectivity


16. The access method used for cassette tape is

(A) Direct

(B) Random

(C) Sequential

(D) None of the above


17. The attribution of human form or qualities to things such as machines or computers is called

(A) Cybernetics

(B) Cybernation

(C) Artificial intelligence

(D) Anthropomorphism


18. The data recording area between the blank gaps on magnetic tape is called a/an:

(A) Record

(B) Block

(C) Field

(D) Database


19. A datum that indicates some important state in the content of input or output is

(A) Sequence

(B) Sentinel


(D) Sibling


20. Which is a non-standard version of a computing language?



(C) Army

(D) PL/1


21. Which is a basic technique, using activity networks?






22. The 7-bit ASCII code widely used

(A) For data communication work

(B) In IBM mainframe models

(C) For coding external memory

(D) In large machines produced by non-IBM vendors


23. Programmed instructions to the computer is known as

(A) Data

(B) Code

(C) Documentation

(D) Database


24. A memory in which the information is stored last is on top & is retrieved first is known as


(B) Buffer

(C) Stack



25. How many symbols exist in Baudot code?

(A) 42

(B) 116

(C) 58

(D) 76



Answer Sheet:

1. (C) The first page

2. (A) Instant Messenging

3. (B) A place served by public wireless access

4. (B) Your hard disk may be headed for failure

5. (A) OS-2

6. (A) Subject directories

7. (C) Link Control Protocol

8. (B) A program that catalogs Web sites

9. (B) Retrovirus

10. .(D) Word Star

11. (C) The part of the Internet that enables information-sharing via interconnected pages

12. (D) Media Access Control

13. (C) Mosaic

14. (C) Cohen

15. (D) Connectivity

16. (C) Sequential

17. (D) Anthropomorphism

18. (B) Block

19. (B) Sentinel

20. (C) Army

21. (A) CPA

22. (A) For data communication work

23. (B) Code

24. (C) Stack

25. (C) 58




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