Nepal Police, Technical Police Assistant Inspector 2078/10/01


Nepal Police, Engineering (Information Technology / Computer), Technical Police Assistant Inspector Open Competitive Written Examination 2078/10/01

1. Which command can be used to ask you to confirm that you want to delete the directory? 

A) Deltree

B) Deltree/f

C) Del *.*/p

D) Erase*.*


2. If a process fails, most operating system writes the error information to a

A) log file

B) another running process 

C) new file

D) none of the above


3. In Windows OS,..... character is not allowed to use in the naming of file or folder.

A) &

B) $

C) <

D) ^


4. File type can be represented by

A) file name

B) file extension

C) file identifier

D) none of the above


5. What is the short cut key to open the thesaurus window?

A) Ctrl+F7

B) F7

C) Alt+F7

D) Shift+F7


6. In MS-Word, which key combination is used to go back to main bullet from sub-bullet?

A) Alt+Tab

B) Ctrl+Tab

C) Shift+Tab

D) None of the above


7. Short cut key for manual column break in MS Word is

A) Ctrl+Enter

B) Shift+Spacebar

C) Ctrl+Shift+Enter 

D) Alt+Enter


8. .... is used to convert from upper case to lower case and vice versa.

A) Toggle case 

B) Sentence case 

C) Lower case

D) Upper case


9. In MS-Word, which of the following statements is true in case of table?

A) You can add row or column anywhere in the table

B) You can merge adjacent cells of the table. 

C) You can split any cell of the table

D) All of the above


10. Which of the following is valid Gutter position in Microsoft Word?

A) Bottom

B) Right

C) Left

D) Center


11. The short cut keys for the....... character formatting are ctrl+shift+plus sign.

A) case of letters 

B) superscript

C) underline words, not spaces 

D) all capital letters


12. In MS-Word, which menu is used to insert Footnote, Endnote and Citation?

A) Insert

B) References

C) Design

D) Layout


13. In what unit of measure is spacing before and after paragraphs increased or decreased?

A) Pixels

B) Points

C) Inches

D) Centimeters

14. Which feature is used for monitoring all document changes?

A) Edit document 

B) Monitor change

C) Track change

D) Track all


15. How do you get Borders and Shading dialog box to put any type of page borders in word document? 

A) Draw =>Page Borders 

B) Page Layout => Page Borders

C) Design => Page Borders

D) None of the above


16. In which of the following dialog box will you set any type of page borders? 

A) Page Borders

B) Page Setup

C) Borders and Shading

D) Page Design


17. A number of letter that appears little below the normal text is called

A) Superscript

B) Subscript

C) Supertext

D) Toptext


18. Which statement is false in case of header and footer of the document? 

A) Text entered in header or footer area appears on each page of the document

B) Page numbers are displayed on the header or footer area of the document 

C) Footnotes are displayed on the footer of the document

D) None of the above


19. The default header for worksheet is

A) Page Number 

B) Date and Time

C) Sheet Tab Name 

D) None of the above


20. A feature that displays only the data in column(s) according to specified criteria is

A) Formula

B) Sorting

C) Filtering

D) Pivot


21. In Excel sheet, the correct syntax to make a relative cell reference for a range of cells. which starts in cell B2, goes over to column G and down to row 4 is

A) B2-G4

B) B2::G4

C) B2:G4

D) B2;G4


22. Which of the following features in Microsoft Excel helps you visually explore and analyze data, detect critical issues and identify patterns and trends?

A) Conditional Formatting

B) Data Analysis

C) Data Mining

D) Relationship


23. What function displays row data in a column or column data in a row? 

A) Transpose

B) Index

C) Rows

D) Hyperlinks


24. What is the correct syntax to calculate average of three cells: A1, A2 and A3 using formula in excel?

A) = AVERAGE (A1:A3) 

B) = (A1+A2+A3)/3

C) = AVERAGE (A1, A2, A3) 

D) All of the above


25. A function inside another function is called.... function.

A) Nested

B) Round

C) Sum

D) Text


26. Which one is shortcut to delete the selected column?

A) Alt + -

B) Ctrl + -

C) Shift + -

D) Insert + -


27. The correct syntax to use IF function in excel sheet is 

A)= IF (Logical test, value_if_true, value if false)

B) = IF (Logical test, value_if_false, value_if_true) 

C) = (Logical test, if(value_is_true), else (value_is_false))

D) = (Logical test, if(value_is_false), else (value_is_true)) 


28. Which key should be pressed to refer non-adjacent cell in Excel sheet? 

A) Shift

B) Ctrl

C) Alt

D) Tab



29. Which of the following contains the name of each record on the chart?

A) Cell

B) Title

C) Axis

D) Legend


30. While printing the Excel sheet, which of the following is true?

A) You can print certain rows at the top of every pages

B) You can make excel not print blank cells

C) You can make excel print only selected cells

D) All of the above


31. The ascending order of data hierarchy is 

A) Bit-Byte-Record-Field-File-Database

B) Bit-Byte-Field-Record-File-Database 

C) Bit-Byte-Record-File-Field-Database

D) Byte-Bit-Field-Record-File-Database.


32. Which one is not correct?

A) Primary key doesn't allow duplicate entry

B) Primary key doesn't accept null value

C) Primary key is essential for relationship

D) Primary key must be numeric field only 


33. In relational DBMS, the framework to store records in a database is called.

A) Table

B) Form

C) Report

D) All of the above


34. Which of the following effects can be applied to any object or text inside the slide?

A) Transition 

B) Animation 

C) Both of the above

D) None of the above


35. Which command brings you to the first slide in your presentation?

A) Next slide button 

B) Page up.

C) Ctrl+Home

D) Ctrl+End


36. The main components of fourth generation computer are 

A) Transistors

B) Vacuum tubes and valves

C) Integrated circuits

D) VLSI and microprocessor


37. Dot-matrix, Deskjet, Inkjet and Laser are all types of which computer peripherals?

A) Printers

B) Software

C) Monitors

D) Keyboard


38. What are the major components of Central Processing Unit (CPU)?

A) ALU, Control Unit and RAM

B) Control Unit, Registers and Memory 

C) ALU, Control Unit and Registers

D) None of the above


39. The difference between people with access to computers and the internet and those without this access is known as the

A) Digital divide 

B) Internet divide 

C) Web divide

D) E-illteracy


40. The process of putting data into a storage location is called

A) Reading

B) Writing

C) Controlling

D) Hand Shaking


41. What is the smallest physical storage unit on a Hard Disk?

A) Track

B) Cylinder

C) Sector

D) None of the above


42. If a computer has more than one processor, it is known as

A) Uniprocess

B Multiprocessor 

C) Multithreaded 

D) Multiprogramming


43. Babbage presented his.... engine to the Royal Astronomical Society which was able to calculate polynomials.

A) Computer

B) Diesel

C) Difference

D) Petrol


44. A digital content which uses a combination of different forms such as audio, images, animations, video and interactive content is called

A) Desktop Publishing

B) Executable File 

C) Multimedia

D) Music and Songs:


45. Which of the following controls the process of interaction between the user and the operating system?

A) User interface

B) Language translator

C) Platform

D) Screen saver


46. The larger the number of pixels of a computer monitor, the higher 

A) Resolution

B) Refresh rate 

C) Dot pitch

D) Data transfer rate


47. Network congestion occurs

A) when connection between two nodes terminates

B) when a system terminates. 

C) in case of traffic overloading

D) none of the above


48. A non-volatile firmware which is used to perform hardware initialization during the computer booting process is called

A)  Basic Input/Output System (BIOS)

B) OS Kernel

C) Control Panel

D) Device Manager 


49. A list of protocols used by a system, one protocol per layer, is called

A) protocol architecture 

B) protocol stack 

C) protocol suit

D) none of the above


50....... is not the function of an Operating System. 

A) Management of computer's hardware and software resources

B) Establish a user interface

C) Virus protection

D) None of the above 

- The End -

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