Computer Operator Practical Test-5


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Computer Operator 

Practical Test-5

a)1. Type the following paragraph correctly.                                                                         3

With the advent of technology in communication which includes telephone, fax machine, cellular phone, Internet, multimedia, email, communication has become much faster and easier. It has transformed and influenced relationships in many ways. We no longer need to rely on sending physical letters and wait for several days for a response. Technology has made communication so simple that you can connect with anyone from anywhere by calling via mobile phone or messaging them. 

Today the Internet is used for shopping, paying utility bills, credit card bills, admission fees, E-commerce, online banking facility. In the world of marketing and sales, companies are marketing and selling their products and creating brands over the internet. 

In the field of travel, cities, towns, states, and countries are using the web to post detailed tourist and event information. Travelers can easily find information on weather, maps, timings for events, and transportation schedules and buy tickets to various tourists’ spots.

b)      Format the typed paragraph as following criteria.                                                        5

·         Apply 12 pt font size with bold and italic for heading and center align it.

·         Apply justify alignment.

·         Apply line spacing 1.25 lines for Second paragraph and justify it.

·         Apply page boarder and page colour of your choice

·         Apply drop cap in the first paragraph of your document.

c)     2. Insert  a clip art right side of second paragraph, set the  text wrapping square and insert caption between clip art as "Figure 1: clip art picture" from reference.                             2

 3. Calculate the Electricity using in MS excel.                                                                    10


Nepal Electricity Authority

Kathmandu Nepal

Miter No


Previous Reading

Current Reading

Consumed Unit

Bill Amount






















a) Unit Consumed

   b) Amount


  If unit is less than or equal to 20 unit, RS 80

  If unit is greater than 20 unit, amount 7.7 for extra unit

  If unit is grater than 250, amount is 9.9 for extra unit.

5. Create the following tables in database with give fields enter at least 3 records.                4

      Items: Item ID, Item Descrip, Item Price

      Purchase: PurID, PurDate, PurQty, Item ID

       Create inventory details Report to list Purchase date, Item Description, Purchase Quantity and Price        

6.     6. Perform the following task in MS PowerPoint.                                                                        3

a) First Slide: Title Slide

b) Second Slide: Insert a table

c) Third Slide: Insert a chart based on the table on previous slide.

Apply animation to each object on every slide and transition to make the presentation automatic.  

7.      7. Write HTML code to do following tasks.                                                                                  3

a.      a)  Display the txt 'Generation of Computer' in heading 2 formats and insert a horizontal line below it.

b.      b) Create a ordered list. the list items should be Third generation, Fourth Generation

c.      c)  Insert an image whose that should  be 200 pixel and their height 100 Pixels.

   Best of Luck!


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