Mix MCQs-1

 1. Connectivity is a concept related to

a) Transmitting information, either by computer or by phone
b) The interconnections within a computer
c) Using computer networks to link people and resources
d) Being in an active session with your computer
e) All the above

2. One of the most dramatic changes in connectivity and communications in the past five years has been _______
a) Mobile or wireless telephones

b) public and private discussion
c) Satellite uplinks
d) running programs on remote computers
e) land line phones

3. The four basic elements of any communication system include
a) peer-to-peer, videoconferencing, online photo-conferencing, net optical
b) Sending and receiving devices, communication channel, connection device, and data transmission specifications
c) Telephone lines, coaxial cables, fiber-optic cables, and communication channel
d) Software, hardware, communication channel, network
e) Telephone lines, peer-to-peer, videoconferencing

4. An older type of data communications channel, using multiple copper wires, is called ___ technology.
a) Microwave
b) fiber-optic cable
c) coaxial cable
d) twisted pair
e) wireless

5. A communications channel that is made up of a single copper core with a ground sheath aroundit is called a ________.
a) Twisted pair channels
b) microwave
c) coaxial cable
d) fiber-optic cable
e) beam cable

6. Data is transmitted using light through a(n) ________ cable.
a) Twisted pair
b) fiber-optic
c) coaxial
d) microwave
e) all the above

7. Which physical connection is the fastest?
a) Twisted pair
b) coaxial cable
c) fiber-optics
d) microwaves
e) all are equal

8. Communication in a straight line is accomplished using ________.
a) Twisted pairs
b) fiber-optics
c) coaxial cables
d) infrared
e) microwaves

9. Most Web-enabled devices follow a standard known as
a) FireWire
b) Bluetooth
d) Wi-Fi
e) Blue band

10. A relatively new technology that allows wireless connectivity is called ________.
a) Bluetooth
b) Black tooth
c) Blue band
d) Broadband
e) Wi-Fi

11. Bluetooth is a type of radio wave information transmission system that is good for about
a) 30 feet
b) 30 yards
c) 30 miles
d) 300 miles
e) 3000 yards

12. The telephone is an example of a(n) ________ signal.
a) analog
b) digital
c) modulated

d) demodulated
e) debug

13. A credit card-sized expansion board that is inserted into portable computers that connects the modem to the telephone wall jack is the ________.
a) Internal modem
b) External modem
c) PC Card modem
d) Wireless modem
e) Dongle

14. A modem that is contained within the system unit is called a(n) ________ modem.
a) external
b) internal
c) wireless
d) Wi-Fi
e) Cable

15. A modem that doesn't need to be connected to a telephone line is the ________ modem.
a) external
b) internal
c) Broad band
d) DSL
e) wireless

16. Aspecial high-speed line used by large corporations to support digital communications is known as
a) satellite/air connection service lines
b) cable modems
c) Digital subscriber lines
d) T1, T2, T3 and T4 lines
e) All the above

17. An affordable technology that uses existing telephone lines to provide high-speed connections is called ________.
b) microwave
c) cable modem
d) DSL
e) None of these

18. The capacity of a communication channel is measured in
a) Bandwidth
b) bit capacity
c) baud rate
d) data flow
e) baud flow

19. Voice band ________
a) Allows the user to download messages
b) is used for standard telephone communication
c) Is used in special leased lines to connect minicomputers and mainframes
d) Provides a high-speed communication channel
e) All the above

20. The greatest capacity for data transmission happens in ________ devices.
a) Voice band

b) medium band
c) big band
d) mega-band
e) broadband

21. The rules for exchanging data between computers are called
a) Interconnections
b) synchronous packages
c) Protocols
d) data transmission synchronization
e) rolls

22. The standard protocol for the Internet is___
a) TCP
b) IP protocol
c) IP address
e) None

23. ______ is the process of breaking down information sent or transmitted across the Internet into small parts called packets.
a) Protocol
b) bandwidth
c) reformatting
d) identification
e) calling

24. The systems developed to automatically translate text-based addresses to numeric IP addresses is called________
a) DSL
b) DNS
c) SNL
d) SDN
e) SOD

25. A computer network must contain at least this number of computers.
a) Two
b) A few
c) Twenty
d) Hundreds
e) Three

26. Two or more computers connected so that they can communicate with each other and share information is called a______
a) Satellite
b) protocol
c) broadcast
d) Wi-Fi
e) network

27. Any device that is connected to a network is called a_______
a) Client
b) node
c) server
d) manager
e) HR

28. A device, connected to a network, that requests resources available from other devices is called 
a) User
b) Server
c) Host
d) NOS
e) Client

29. A device, connected to a network, that shares resources with other nodes is called a________
a) Client
b) server
c) host
d) NOS
e) User

30. The acronym NOS refers to the
a) Operating system on the clients
b) Network order system, or topology
c) Operating system of the network
d) network architecture
e) all the above

1) c 

2) a

3) b

4) d 

5) c

6) b

7) c

8) d

9) d

10) a

11) a

12) a

13) c

14) b

15) e

16) d

17) d

18) a

19) b

20) e

21) c

22) d

23) c

24) b

25) a

26) e

27) b

28) e

29) b

30) c

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