IT Policy & ETA


IT Policy & ETA

1) Which IT Policy’s Vision is “To transform Nepal into an information and knowledge-based society and economy."?

a) IT Policy 2056

b) IT Policy 2057

c) IT Policy 2071

d) IT Policy 2072


2) When was Electronic Transaction Act 2063 authenticated and published in Nepal?

a) December 7, 2006 (21 Manghsir 2063)

b) December 8, 2006 (22 Manghsir 2063)

c) December 9, 2006 (23 Manghsir 2063)    

d) December 10, 2006 (24 Manghsir 2063)


3) Which is the mission of IT Policy 2072?

a) To empower and facilitate Nepal's participation in the Global Knowledge Society.

b) To transform Government service delivery regime by promoting transparency, efficiency, inclusiveness and participation through effective utilization of information and communication technologies.

c) To create conditions for the intensified development and growth of ICT sector as a key driver for Nepal's sustainable development and poverty reduction strategies. 

d) To promote ICT to further productivity among the sectors that is key drivers of the national economy.


4) How many strategies are there in IT Policy 2072?

a) 15

b) 20

c) 25

d) 30


5) Which one was the earliest IT Policy of Nepal?

a) IT Policy 2052

b) IT Policy 2057

c) IT Policy 2067

d) IT Policy 2072


6. Which one is not the objective of IT Policy 2057?

a) To make information technology accessible to the general public and increase employment through this means,

b) To build a knowledge-based society,

c) To empower and facilitate Nepal's participation in the Global Knowledge Society.

d) To establish knowledge-based industries.


7. What is the full form of NITC?

a) National Information Technology Center

b) National Institutional Training Center

c) National Information Training Center

d) National Institutional Technology Center


8.Where is the Nepal’s First IT park established?

a) Sindhupalchok

b) Banepa

c) Lalitpur

d) Pokhara 


9. Which the following Slogan is related to IT Policy 2057?

a) Computer education to all by 2010 A.D.

b) Computer education to all by 2015 A.D.

c) Computer education to all by 2020 A.D.

d) Computer education to all by 2025 A.D.         10. When was National Communication Policy formulated? a) 1990 b) 1991  c) 1992  d) 1993     11. There are how many complete fiber optic backbones in Nepal? a) 2  b) 3  c) 4  d) 5                 12. What is called a system that creates a secured key pair consisting of a private key creating a digital signature and a public key to verify the digital signature?

a) Symmetric Crypto System

b). Asymmetric Crypto System

c) Digital Crypto System

d) Electronic  Crypto System

13. Who issued Digital Signature Certificate under section 30 ?

a) .Certifying Authority

b) ETA

c) MOE

d) NTA 

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