Computer Fundamental-8


The top most row of keys on the standard keyboard contains__________keys, and the longest key on the keyboard is ____________ ?

A. Alphabetic, space bar
B. Number, enter key
C. Function, enter key
D. Function, space bar

Choose the best option : An anti virus program is designed to ___________ computer virus.

A. Identify and eliminate
B. Scan device and identify
C. Scan device, identify and eliminate
D. Scan device and eliminate

Speed of internet connection is measured in __________ ?

A. GHz
B. dpi
C. ppm
D. Mbps

With a __________, users interact with menus and visual images such as icons, buttons, and other objects to issue commands?

A. Command-Line Interface
B. Menu-Driven Interface
C. Graphical User Interface 
D. Performance-Moniter Interface

Which of these will not select all the cells in a document ?

A. Using the Edit – Select All menu
B. Pressing Ctrl + A on the keyboard
C. Clicking three times with the right mouse button in the spreadsheet
D. None of These

How we can view a cell comment ?

A. position the mouse pointer over the cell
B. click the comment command on the view menu
C. click the edit comment commands on the Insert menu
D. click the Display comment command on the window menu

The default style for new data keyed in a new workbook is ___________?

A. Comma
B. Normal
C. Currency
D. Percent

If you press ___, the cell accepts your typing as its contents ?

A. Tab
B. Ctrl+Enter
C. Enter
D. Alt+Enter

Website is a collection of ________?

A. web pages
B. Graphic Files
C. Audio and Video Files
D. All of the Above

In MICR, C stands for_______?

A. Code
B. Color
C. Character
D. Computer

In MS Excel to delete duplicate values which menu is used?

A. Data
B. Tools
C. Formatting
D. Layout

Comment put on Excel cell which is displayed by taking the Mouse Pointer there, is called__________?

A. Smart tip
B. Soft Tip
C. Web Tip
D. Cell Tip

Compiler Is Also__________?

A. Software
B. Program
C. Code
D. All Of These

Which is the core of the operating system?

A. Shell
B. Kernel
C. Commands
D. Script

Which of the following Key is not found in normal computers / laptops?

A. Turn key
B. Alt key
C. del key
D. shift key

Brain also known as the first computer virus for MS-DOS was written by two brothers belonging to which among the following countries?

 A. Malaysia
B. India
C. Pakistan
D. Iran

What is the shortcut key to display field codes?

A. Alt + F9
B. Ctrl + F9
C. Shift + F9
D. Space + F9

Which short cut key is used to bring up the “Find and Replace” dialog box in Ms word?

A. Ctrl + J
B. Ctrl + H
C. Ctrl + N
D. Ctrl + M

Which of the following is not paper size?

A. legal
B. Executive
C. Landscape
D. A3

The communication protocol used by Internet is_____________?


E-mail Stand for____________?

A. Electronic mail
B. External mail
C. Electronic Messaging Advice and Information
D. Both A and C

Who is called the “grand father” of the computer?

A. Blaise Pascal
B. Charles Babbage
C. Joseph Jacquard
D. Dr. Herman Hollerith

___________ memory loses content, when power is lost.

A. Non volatile
B. volatile
C. Static
D. None of these

which of following is page margin?

A. Letter
B. Tabloid
C. Narrow
D. Legal

What is the name of the operating system which was originally designed by scientists and engineers for use by scientists and engineers?

C. OS/2
D. None of the above

In which tab Hyphenation options are available?

A. Insert
B. Page Layout
C. References
D. Mailings

Which company is the biggest player in the microprocessor industry?

A. Motorola
C. Intel

With which of the following all formulas in excel starts ?

A. /
B. *
C. $
D. =

In the context of Microsoft Word, there is a feature called ‘Gutter Margin’. What is this feature used for?

A. Improve the clarity of graphics and images
B. Give provision for better document binding
C. Improve the clarity of the printed text
D. Facilitate the insertion of page numbers

To copy a picture of the screen to the Clipboard use:_________ Command?

A. Alt Key
B. Shift key
C. Print screen
D. None of these

Shortcut keys to switch to the next windows ?

A. Alt + tab
B. Shift + Tab
C. Alt + Ctrl
D. Ctrl + Tab

What term describes a picture that has been resized by a percentage ?

A. Cropped
B. Flipped
C. Scaled
D. Stretched

We can Search character & word and symbols in Microsoft word by using _______ command?

A. Ctrl + R
B. Ctrl + F
C. Ctrl + F5
D. None of the above

which layer of OSI model used by router?

A. layer 2
B. layer 4
C. layer 3
D. All of above

The blinking symbol on the computer screen is called ___________?

A. mouse
B. logo
C. hand
D. cursor

Which of following is not character spacing ?


A. Expanded
B. Raised
C. Condensed
D. Both (A and C)

which type of software controls your application software and manages how your hardware devices work together?

A. System Software
B. Operating System
C. Utility Software
D. Application Software

Which is not the layer of Operating System?

A. Kernal
B. Shell
C. Application Program
D. Critical Section

In MS PowerPoint , on mouse click option can be used by?

A. Insert & on mouse click.
B. Format & on mouse click .
C. Transition & on mouse click .
D. None of these

Shortcut key for Hanging Indent is _____________?

A. Ctrl + H
B. Ctrl + M
C. Ctrl + T
D. Ctrl + L

CRT is the technology used in a:___________?

A. Mouse
B. Monitor
C. Trojan Horse
D. None of these

QuickTime is a _______ ?

A. Website
B. Search Engine
C. Media Player
D. Language

How much headings in HTML?

A. 2
B. 4
C. 6
D. None of these

Virtual Memory is typically located in ?

C. Hard Drive
D. Flash Memory

What is the last step in data encapsulation ?

A. User information is changed into data.
B. Frames are placed into bits
C. Segments are changed into datagram and packets.
D. Packets are placed into logical frame.

Digitizer also referred as_________?

A. Digital audio player
B. Digital video editor
C. Input Device 
D. None of these

What is the Name of Google’s Parent Company?

A. Alphabet Inc
B. Amazon
C. The Priceline Group
D. None of these

which of the following is a programming language?

A. Lotus
B. Pascal
C. MS-Excel
D. Netscape

The first mechanical calculator was invented in which year?

A. 1543
B. 1642
C. 1858
D. 1972

A normal CD-ROM usualy can store up to data?

A. 68 KB
B. 68 Bytes
C. 68 MB
D. 6 GB

A single point on a computer screen is called__________?

A. Cell
B. Bit
C. Pixel
D. Element

Which is a volatile memory ?


Which is a non-volatile memory ?

D. None of Above

The digital signals can be represented by________?

A.  and 1
B. Binary Codes
C. High and Low
D. All of Above

The First Mechanical Computer Designed by Charles Babbage was called___________ ?

A. Abacus
B. Super Computer
C. Analytical Engine
D. Processing Machine

Most widely Spreaded computer virus was ________ ?

A. I love you
B. I hate you
C. Oracle
D. None of these

A program that acts as an intermediary between a user of a computer and the computer hardware:

A. Utility Software
B. Computer Software
C. Operating System
D. Application Software

“The one program running at all times on the computer” is the:

 A. Kernel
B. Software
C. Windows
D. Task Manager

Who is known as the Father of video games ?

A. Karl Bens
B. Ralph H. Bear
C. Karoline Berliner
D. Andrew Smith Bernard

How many rows can you insert in a word document in maximum?

A. 256
B. 16384
C. 32767
D. Unlimited

4 nibbles equals to__________?

A. 2 bits
B. 4 bits
C. 2 bytes
D. 4 bytes

One MB (Megabyte) is equal to ________?

A.124 Byte
B. 124 Killobytes
C. 1 Bits
D. 124 Gigabyte

1 KB (Killobyte) is equal to ______?

A. 124 Megabytes
B. 124 bites
C. 124 bytes
D. 1 bites

SIMM Stands For ______?

A. Single Inline Memory Module
B. Single Identify Memory Module
C. Secret Internet Memory module
D. None of them

The minimum amount of RAM required for the installation of Windows 2 is_______ ?

A. 16 MB
B. 32 MB
C. 64 MB
D. 128 MB

How may types of computer according to the size?

A. 4
B. 3
C. 2
D. None of these

Green line in MS word document represent ____________?

A. Spell error
B. Grammatical error
C. Sentence error
D. None of these

Device used to enter data or information into a computer include:__________?

A. Keyboard
B. Mouse
C. Microphone
D. All

Which device converts data and instrument in a form that computer understand?

A. Input
B. Output
C. Storage
D. Memory

Printers and Monitors are common forms of ______?

A. Input units
B. Output Units
C. Storage Unit
D. Processing Unit

A collection of computers connected together is called______?

A. Processing
B. Network
C. Chatting
D. Centralized System

Which of the following is the founder of Snapchat?

A. Bill Gates
B. Evan Spiegel
C. Robert E Kahn
D. Steve Woziak

Arithmetic operations are performed by ______?


Computer Monitor is also known as __________?

D. None of these

Which one is example of spreadsheet software?

D. None of these

In Windows XP, what does ‘XP’ stands for?

A. eXPensive
B. eXPlore
C. eXPerience
D. eXtra Power

After ‘PROM’ is programmed, we can only ____ the information?

A. Read
B. Write
C. Read and Write
D. Remove

USB is _____ type of storage device.

A. Auxillary
B. Primary
C. Secondary
D. Tertiary

The term GIGO is related to?

A. Flexibility
B. Versatility
C. Automatic
D. Accuracy

Which of the following is used for very high speed searching applications ?

A. Flash Memory
B. Content-addressable Memory
C. Dynamic Random Access Memory
D. Static Random Access Memory

Which of the following commands is called as three-finger salute in computers ?

A. Ctrl + Alt + Delete
B. Ctrl + Shift + Escape
C. Ctrl + Shift + Enter
D. Ctrl + Alt + Arrow key

Data in database at a particular point of time is called as?

A. Intension
B. Extension
C. Back up
D. Application

The first computer made available for commercial use was________?


We can start MS Word by typing ________ in the Run Dialog box.

A. winword.exe
B. word.exe
C. msword.exe
D. docx.exe

What is the name of a memory buffer used to accommodate a speed differential?

A. Cache
B. Stack Pointer
C. Accumulator
D. Disc (SSC CG)

In IT terminology failure in the kernel is called as:

A. Crash
B. Crash dump
C. Dump
D. kernel error

In IT networking, which of the following device is used in physical layer?

A. Repeater
B. Router
C. Transport Gateway
D. Bridge

In the memory hierarchy the fastest memory is?

A. Cache
C. Registers

Word wrap means:

A. aligning text with the right margin
B. inserting spaces between words
C. moving text automatically to the next line
D. None of these

The document can be zoomed maximum up to:

A. 1%
B. 2%
C. 4%
D. 5%

A master document contains___________, each of which contains a pointer to a file on a disk ?

A. sub-documents
B. hyperlink
C. bookmarks
D. Placeholders

What is the shortcut key for “Increase Font Size” the selected text ?

A. Ctrl + Shift + <
B. Ctrl + Shift + >
C. Ctrl + I
D. None of these

What is the shortcut key for “Clear All Formatting” the selected text ?

A. Ctrl + Del
B. Ctrl + Enter
C. Ctrl + Spacebar
D. Shift + F3

What is the shortcut key to “Center Align” the selected text ?

A. Ctrl + C
B. Ctrl + A
C. Ctrl + E
D. None of these

What is the shortcut key for “Justify Align” the selected text ?

A. Ctrl + J

B. Ctrl + Shift + J
C. Ctrl + E
D. None of these

Related to computers, what is ‘Wetware’ ?

A. Computer programs
B. Circuitory
C. Human brain
D. Chemical storage devices

The Network is overloaded with enormous data sent by many computers within the network. The inability of the network to deliver the data is termed as __________ .

A. Access control
B. Congestion
C. Error propagation
D. Deadlock

In which mode can the computers that are associated send frames directly to each other?

A. Adhoc mode
B. Infrastructure mode
C. Structured mode
D. Anonymous mode

_________ changes each time it is installed to avoid detection by antivirus software.

A. Polymorphic virus
B. Worm
C. Logic bomb
D. Trojan horse

In the following list of devices, which device is used in datalink layer?

A. Repeaters
B. Routers
C. Application gateway
D. Bridge

Which algorithm is used to decide the path to transfer the packets from source to destination?

A. Routing
B. Selecting
C. Pathing
D. Directing

Money transfer through mobile is called


Cache memory works on the principle of ___________ .

A. Locality of data
B. Locality of reference
C. Locality of Memory
D. Locality of Memory & refer

Programs that duplicate the functionality of one system on another system is known as

A. Emulators
B. Simulators
C. Evaluators

_________ is a type of computing that performs computation, storage and even applications as a service across a network.

A. Cloud Computing
B. Distributed Computing
C. Parallel Computing
D. Virtual Computing

The unit of measurement of a word length is?

A. Metre
B. Byte
C. Bits
D. Millimetre

In database table, what does a column represent?

A. Attributes
B. Index
C. Entity
D. Relation

Which protocol is used to automatically assign TCP/IP configuration information?

D. NetLink

How many pins in DDR3 Memory?

A. 24
B. 128
C. 195
D. 228

in RAM memory, DDR stands for ?

A. Double sided RIMM
B. Double data rate
C. Digital data rate
D. Dynamic data rate

Which is the largest hardware company of computers?

A. Microsoft
B. Dell
D. My Space

Temporary storage place for information in a computer is called:

A. Back Up
B. Buffer
C. Binary file
D. Data recorder

Which mechanism is used by the computer virus ‘worm’ to duplicate itself?

A. Swap
B. Spawn
C. Increment
D. Swarm

Which items are placed at the end of a document

A. Footer
B. Foot note
C. End note
D. Headet

To change line height to 1.5 we use shortcut key

A. Ctrl+1
B. Ctrl+2
C. Ctrl+4
D. Ctrl+5

Which is known as temporary memory?

B. Hard Disk
C. Registers
D. Circuits

In Computer, Bus is set of?

A. Circuits
B. Wires
C. Registers
D. Bulbs

Parallel Port is called?

A. Male Connector
B. Female Connector
C. Joint Connector
D. None of these

Loading of Operating System in Personal Computer is called?

A. Processing
B. Installation
C. Booting
D. None of these

Picture is made of __________?

A. Lines
B. Dots
C. Scratches
D. Lightings

Type/s of Picture is/are?

A. Vector
B. Raster
C. Master
D. both A & B

Arrangement of Computer is called?

A. Setting
B. Topology
C. Processing
D. Wiring

Which one holds Data and Instructions?

A. Hard Disk
D. Task Manager

Which one is a Program of Operating System that carries your Data?

C. Loader
D. Processor

Which is the place that is used to connect various external devices to the computer?

A. Circuit
B. Whole
C. Port
D. None of these

Which key is used for help in Ms Excel?

A. F1
B. F2
C. F3
D. None of these

Which of these keys are used in Ms Excel to copy value from above cell?

A. Ctrl + “
B. Ctrl+ E
C. Ctrl+ E
D. Ctrl+ D

Which of these keys are used in Ms Excel to copy formula from above cell?

A. Ctrl+ ”
B. Ctrl+ ;
C. Ctrl+ :
D. Ctrl+ ‘

Move to next cell in row in Ms Excel:

A. Tab
B. Shift
C. Space
D. None of these

Move to Next Sheet in Ms Excel:

A. Ctrl + Page Down
B. Shift + Page Down
C. Page Down
D. None of these

What is the keyboard shortcut key for Save As?

A. F12
B. Ctrl + F12
C. Alt + F12
D. Shift + F12

Which one of the following is not a client server application?

A. Internet chat
B. Web browsing
C. E-mail
D. ping

The device used to carry digital data on analogue lines is called as_________?

A. Modem
B. Multiplexer
C. Modulator
D. Demodulator

A set of processes is deadlock if ?

A. each process is blocked and will remain so forever
B. each process is terminated
C. all processes are trying to kill each other
D. None of these

In which view Headers and Footers are visible


A. Normal View
B. Page Layout View
C. Print Layout View
D. Draft View

The space left between the margin and the start of a paragraph is called ___________?

A. Spacing
B. Gutter
C. Indentation
D. Alignment

Text-styling feature of MS word is?

A. Word Color
B. Word Font
C. Word Art
D. Word Fill

A number of letters that appear a little above the normal text is called?

A. Superscript
B. Subscript
C. Super text
D. Top text

We can insert a page number at