Computer Fundamental-7

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Which shortcut key is used to Open My Computer?

A. Win + C
B. Win + D
C. Win + E
D. Win + F

Which shortcut key is used to open my computer properties?

 A. Win + Pause
B. Win + Insert
C. Wind + End
D. Win + Tab

Diameter of Compact Disk is ________?

 A. 1 cm
B. 11 cm
C. 12 cm
D. None of these

The BIOS settings are stored in _________ ?

B. CMOS chip
C. Memory

What is Heuristic checking?

 A. False positive
B. Data storage
C. Virus scanning
D. Virus removing

The process to remove errors in a program is called_________?

 A. Compiling
B. Executing
C. Bug
D. Debugging

The unit that controls all parts of the computer is __________?

D. Register

Which of these is the name of a type of interface that allows a user to type in commands on a keyboard which gives the computer instructions?

A. Command line interface (CLI)
B. Graphical user interface (GUI)
C. Touchscreen interface
D. Drop down menu interface

Mac OS offers _____________ for data backup.

 A. File history
B. Time Machine
C. File backup
D. None of above

You can edit existing Excel data by pressing the:________ key?

A. F1 Key
B. F2 Key
C. F3 Key
D. F4 Key

What type of software is a “printer driver”?

A. Application Software
B. System Software
C. Utility Software
D. None of Above

Which shortcut key used to open startup button in windows 1?

A. Ctrl + Esc
B. WIN+ Esc
C. Alt + Esc
D. Shift + Esc

Which shortcut key used to open Task Manager in windows 1?

A. Ctrl + Esc
B. WIN + Ctrl + Esc
C. Alt + Esc
D. Ctrl +  Shift  + Esc

A feature of MS Office that saves the document automatically after certain interval is called ____?

A. Save
B. Save As
C. Auto save
D. None of the above

What was the name of the first personal computer electronic spreadsheet software package which became a smash hit as soon as it was introduced in 1978

A. Word star
B. VisiCalc
C. Lotus 1-2-3
D. Excel

What was the name of the first commercially available microprocessor chip

A. Intel 8800
B. Intel 8008
C. Intel 4004
D. Motorola 689

When was the first IBM microcomputer called IBM with 16-bit microprocessor introduced?

A. 1979
B. 1981
C. 1982
D. 1984

Starting with Microsoft Office 23, Photo Editor was renamed to :

A. Photo editor
B. Photo manager
C. Picture editor
D. Picture manager

To go to a specific location in a document we use :

A. Macro
C. Bookmark
D. None of the above

Which one is the spreadsheet application that comes with MS Office software group?

 A. MS Word
B. MS Excel
C. MS PowerPoint
D. MS Access

Name the Desktop database application that is part of MS Office suit.

A. MS Access
B. MS Excel
C. MS PowerPoint
D. None of the above

A number of letter that appears little above the normal text is called?

A. Superscript
B. Subscript
C. Super text
D. Top text

Hard disk drives are considered _________ storage.

A. flash
B. nonvolatile
C. nonpermanent
D. temporary

Fifth generation computers are based on:____________?

A. Programming Intelligence
B. Artificial Intelligence
C. System Knowledge
D. None of these

Microprocessor was introduced in which generation of computer?

A. Second generation
B. Third generation
C. Fourth generation
D. Fifth generation

___________ languages are close to humans?

 A. Low level languages
B. Assembly languages
C. High level languages
D. None of these

Ctrl, Shift, Alt and windows are called__________keys.

 A. Modifier
B. Function
C. Numeric
D. Alphanumeric

F1 through F 12 are called_________keys.

 A. Function 
B. Modifier
C. Control
D. None of the above

In Ms word, a master document contains _______ of subdocument ?

 A. Placeholder
B. Files
C. Links
D. Same data as

” Disk Cleanup” is a/an:________?

 A. Device Driver
B. Productivity driver
C. File Manger
D. Utility Manger

Driver of computer Hardware are:__________?

A. Application Software
B. Utility Programme
C. System software
D. Productivity software

Computer program is also known as ___________?

A. Software
B. Process
C. Procedure
D. Compiler

Pseudo code is similar to ___________?

A. Machine language
B. Simple English
C. Scientific language
D. All of these

Procedural language is ___________ generation language. 

A. 1st
B. 2nd
C. 3rd
D. 4th

Which feature is used to make selected sentence to All Captital Letters or All Small Letters ?

A. Change case
B. Change letter
C. Change sentence
D. Change word

What was the HTML editor that was part of Microsoft Office until 23?

A. Web page
B. Front page
C. Explorer
D. None of the above

When you insert an Excel file into a word document, the data are?

A. Hyperlinked
B. placed in a word table
C. linked
D. embedded

Hyperlink is __________________?

A. Blue text with Bold
B. Blue text with Italic
C. Blue text with without underline
D. Blue text with underline

The basic unit of CPU utilization is called?

A. Process
B. Thread
C. program
D. None of these

Which of the following do not belong to queues for processes?

A. Job Queue
B. PCB queue
C. Device Queue
D. Ready Queue

Which of the following is not true of FORTRAN?

A. It was developed for scientific and mathematical applications
B. It is one of the oldest high-level languages
C. It is a problem oriented language
D. It requires extensive internal documentation

Which of the following is used as “Input device” for the computer?

C. Printer
D. Light pen

Which of these is a peripheral device?

 A. Printer
B. CD Rom
C. Monitor
D. None of these

RAID stands for:

 A. Redundant Array of Independent Disks
B. Redundant Array of Independent Device
C. Redundant Array of Independent Division
D. None of these

In Microsoft Word, ____________ can be used to decide on the spacing between lines of a paragraph.

A. Alignment
B. Effects
C. Indentation
D. Line spacing

Which of the following does computing in a personal computer?

B. Motherboard

Microsoft Office InterConnect is:

 A. An application that supports editing scanned documents
B. None of these
C. Business-relationship database
D. A scanning and OCR application

Computer is a _______________?

 A. Physical Machine
B. Electronic Machine
C. Chemical Machine
D. Mechanical Machine

Which of the following is not used to access the web?

B. Modem

In MS World 27, ______ is used to move directly to specific location in a document.

A. Sub documents
B. Bookmarks
C. Cross-references
D. Outlines

Who was the inventor of mouse?

A. Douglas Engelbart
B. Ada Lovelace
C. Charles Babbage
D. None of these

Which of the following is single-user single-tasking operating system?

A. Ms Dos
B. Windows
D. Both a&c

Which function displays row data into column or column data into row?

A. Hyperlink
B. Index
C. Transpose
D. Rows

Which memory acts as a buffer Between CPU and the main memory ?

C. Static RAM
D. Cache memory

The Greater Than sign is an example of ________ operation ?

A. Arithmetic
B. Logical
C. Conditional
D. Greater

Which of the following device uses the parallel transmission?

A. Mouse
B. Keyboard
C. Printer
D. Light Pen

Who is father of computer networking?

 A. Ray Noorda
B. Vint Cerf
C. Google
D. Novell

What is default font size in MS PowerPoint.

A. 1
B. 11
C. 12
D. 18

Q. In CoralDraw, for Ungroup we use the shortkey ___________.

A. Control + U
B. Altr + UG
C. Control + Shift
D. Control + F

Which option use to open recent file? 

A. Ctrl+R
B. Ctrl+F
C. Ctrl+O
D. Ctrl+N

GUI is a/an ___________?

A. Software
B. Program
C. Operating System
D. Application software

Microsoft Office Suite spreadsheet program is _________?

A. None of these
B. Microsoft Word
C. Microsoft Excel
D. Microsoft PowerPoint

1GB is equal to______ bytes?

 A. 1 million bytes
B. 1 trillion bytes
C. 1 billion bytes
D. None

Which one is a Note-taking software for use with tablet PCs or regular PCs.

 A. Microsoft PowerPoint
B. None of these
C. Microsoft OneNote
D. Microsoft Access

Microsoft Office Picture Manager is:

A. Basic photo management software
B. A scanning and OCR application
C. An application that supports editing scanned documents
D. None of these

Microsoft Office Accounting is:

A. A tool for managing business finances
B. None of these
C. Project management software to keep track of events and to create network charts and Gantt charts
D. Diagram and flow-charting software

All caps to selected text in MS Word is applied with?

A. Alt+shift+A
B. shift+A
C. Ctrl+shift+A
D. None of these

How to Open a presentation in PowerPoint?

A. Ctrl + K
B. Ctrl + O
C. Ctrl+ A
D. None of these

How to create a new presentation in PowerPoint

A. Ctrl + N
B. Ctrl + M
C. Ctrl+ S
D. None of these

Which key is used for Help in PowerPoint

A. F1
B. F2
C. F3
D. None of These

A computer is capable of performing almost any task provided, that it can be?

A. Coded
B. Memorised
C. Analysed
D. Reduced to a series of logical steps

Present day computers are based on __________?

A. Along technology
B. Hybrid technology
C. Digital technology
D. none of the above

Distributed data entry means that data can be_____________?

A. Entered at different locations where it originates
B. Sent to different locations from a central place
C. Accessed from different places know as distribution points
D. Distributed through a network

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