Computer Fundamental-5


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Process of loading and fixing or bypassing errors in computer program code is called___________?

A. Debugging
B. Defusing
C. Defragmenting
D. Defrosting

CSS stands for__________?

A. Central Superior Services
B. Cascading style sheets
C. Both
D. None of above

TCP/IP invented by_____________?

A. Robert E. Kahn
B. Vint Cerf
C. Alan turing
D. A & B

Smallest font size in MS-word is____________?

A. 6
B. 8
C. 10
D. 12

The World Wide Web was invented by____________?

A. Tim Berners-Lee
B. Bob Kahn
C. Steve Jobs
D. Bill Gates

Wifi Stands For_____________?

A. Wireless Fidelity
B. Wireless functioning
C. Wireless function
D. None of the above

What is the smallest and largest font size available in Font Size tool on formatting toolbar?

A. 6 and 72
B. 6 and 68
C. 8 and 72
D. 7 and 72

Which of the following is true regarding page Orientation of a Document?

A. Page Orientation can be changed at any time
B. Page Orientation of document determines by printer
C. Page Orientation must be set before start typing
D. Page Orientation of a document cannot be changed

Vector graphics is composed of_____________?

A. Pixels
B. Paths
C. Palette
D. None of above

Shortcut key for Change case is____________?

A. Shift+F3
B. Ctrl+Shift+F3
C. Ctrl+F5
D. Ctrl+Alt

Serial access memories are useful in applications where:

A. Data consists of numbers
B. Short access time is required
C. Each stored word is processed differently
D. Data naturally needs to flow in and out in serial form

In_______________mode, the communication channel is used in both directions at the same time?

A. Full-duplex
B. Simplex
C. Half-duplex
D. None of the above

Who invented Slide Rules?

A. John Napier
B. William Oughtred
C. Gottfried Leibnitz
D. Blaise Pascal

The proper definition of a modern digital computer is____________?

A. An electronic automated machine that can solve problems involving words and numbers
B. A more sophistic and modified electronic pocket calculator
C. Any machine that can perform mathematical operations
D. A machine that works on binary code

Memory is made up of_____________?

A. Set of wires
B. Set of circuits
C. Large number of cells
D. All of these

Which of the following is the most powerful computers?

A. Mainframe Computer
B. Mini Computers
C. Micro Computers
D. Super Computers

Which of the printers used in conjunction with computers uses dry ink powder?

A. Daisy wheel printer
B. Line printer
C. Laser printer
D. Thermal printer

In which generation Computers vacuum tube were used?

A. First generation
B. Second generation
C. Third generation
D. Fourth generation

IC are classified on the basis of_____________?

A. Manufacturing company
B. Type of computer
C. Number of transistors
D. None of these

What computer virus holds the record for being the most widespread computer virus?

A. I Love You
B. Nimdad
C. Melissa
D. Christmas

Memory unit is one part of____________?

A. Input device
B. Control unit
C. Output device
D. Central Processing Unit

Microprocessors can be used to make________________?

A. Computer
B. Digital systems
C. Calculators
D. All of the above

Which statement is valid about computer program?

A. High level languages must be converted into machine language to execute
B. High level language programs are more efficient and faster to execute
C. It is more difficult to identify errors in high level language program than in low level programs
D. All of above

By programmable machine we mean_____________?

A. computers
B. modern television
C. washing machines
D. anything that can be set to perform different tasks with suitable programs

Which of the following is a secondary memory device?

A. Keyboard
B. Disk
D. All of the above

One of the popular mass storage device is CD ROM. What does CD ROM stand for?

A. Compactable Read Only Memory
B. Compact Data Read Only Memory
C. Compactable Disk Read Only Memory
D. Compact Disk Read Only Memory

Identify the true statement about computer.

A. Computers are 100% accurate but it can suffer from GIGO (Garbage In Garbage Out)
B. Computers are reliable because they use electronic component which have very low failure rate
C. Computer is never tired and does not suffer from boredom
D. All of above

The programs which are as permanent as hardware and stored in ROM is known as___________?

A. Hardware
B. Software
C. Firmware
D. ROM ware

Which of the following memories must be refreshed many times per second?

A. Static RAM
B. Dynamic RAM

What do you call the translator which takes assembly language program as input & produce machine language code as output?

A. Compiler
B. Interpreter
C. Debugger
D. Assembler

A set of rules for telling the computer what operations to perform is called a______________?

A. procedural language
B. structures
C. natural language
D. programming language

A detailed written description of the programming cycle and the program, along with the test results and a printout of the program is called___________?

A. documentation
B. output
C. reporting
D. spec sheets

Forms that are used to organize business data into rows and coloumns are called_____________?

A. transaction sheets
B. registers
C. business forms
D. spread sheets

In power point, the header and footer button can be found on the insert tab in what group?

A. Illustrations group
B. Object group
C. Text group
D. Tables group

A(n)_____________is a set of programs designed to manage the resources of a computer, including starting the computer, managing programs, managing memory and coordinating tasks between input and output devices?

A. application suite
C. input/output system
D. Operating system
E. None of these

A(n)_____________program is one that is ready to run and does not need to be altered in any way.

A. Interpreter
B. High level
C. Compiler
D. Executable

What is the name given to those applications that combine text, sound, graphics, motion video, and/or animation?

A. Motionware
B. Anigraphics
C. Videoscapes
D. Multimedia
E. None of these

A(n)____________language reflects the way people think mathematically.

A. cross-platform programming
B. 3GL business programming
C. event driven programming
D. functional

When entering text within a document, the Enter key is normally pressed at the end of every____________?

A. Line
B. Sentence
C. Paragraph
D. Word
E. None of these

Which of the following software could assist someone who cannot use their hands for computer input?

A. Video conferencing
B. Speech recognition
C. Audio digitizer
D. Synthesizer

A(n)_______________appearing on a web page opens another document when clicked.

A. anchor
C. hyperlink
D. reference

_____________is a windows utility program that locates and eliminates unncessary fragments and rearranges filed and unused disk space to optimize operations?

A. Backup
B. Disk cleanup
C. Disk Defragmenter
D. Restore

_______________is the most important/powerful computer in a typical network?

A. Desktop
B. Network client
C. Network server
D. Network station

The software that is used to create text-based documents are referred to as_________________?

B. Suites
C. Spreadsheets
D. Word processors

_______________devices convert human understandable data and programs into a form that the computer can process?

A. Printing
B. Output
C. Solid state
D. Input

What feature adjusts the top and bottom margins so that the text is centered vertically on the printed page?

A. Vertical justifying
B. Vertical adjusting
C. Dual centering
D. Horizontal centering

Which of these is not a means of personal communication on the internet?

A. Chat
B. Instant messaging
C. Insta notes
D. Electronic mail

What is the overall term for creating editing, formatting, storing, retrieving and printing a text document?

A. Word processing
B. Spreadsheet design
C. Web design
D. Database management

Fourth generation mobile technology provides enhanced capabilities allowing the transfer of both____________data, including full-motion video, high-speed internet access, and video conferencing.

A. video data and information
B. voice and non-voice
C. music and video
D. video and audio

Which of these is a point and draw device?

A. Mouse
B. Scanner
C. Printer

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