Computer Operator Question 2061

लोक सेवा आयोग

राजपत्र अनंकित प्रथम श्रेणी (विविध) 

कम्प्युटर अपरेटर पद

प्रतियोगितात्मक लिखित परीक्षा २०६१

समयः ४५ मिनेट                              विषय:- सेवा सम्बन्धी                                पूर्णाङ्क: ५०

बहुउत्तर (५० x १ = ५० अंक) ।

1. Filter is available on...
a. Tools Menu                     
b. Data Menu
c. Edit Menu                    
d. View Menu

2. When insert a column in excel previous column moves on 
a  Left side
b. Left most side
c. Right side
d. Right most side

3. Function of filter is 
a. Selection no.
b. Select special character
c. Select character
d. All of the above

4. We can run PowerPoint slide in another computer program
a. Pack and go 
b. Save and go
c  Export
d. None

5. Font folder is located on... 
a. Program folder 
b. Ms-Word file
c. Window folder 
d. Desktop folder 

6. Which short-cut use to column break?
a.  Ctrl+Enter
b. Enter 
c. Ctrl+Shift+Enter 
d. Alt+ Enter

7. Which short cut use to slide show
a. F4
b. F2
c. F3
d. F5

8. For insert new slide use... Short cut.
a. Carl+N 
b. Ctrl+M
c. Alt+M
d. Ctrl+Shift+M 

9. In Access which wild card is not mostly used?
a. !
b. #
c. ?
d. *

10. Which application program is called database program? 
a. Excel
b. PowerPoint
c. Word 
d. Access

11. Which one is not relationship type?
a. Many to Many 
b. Many to One
c. One to Many
d. One to One

12. Which one is not database object?
a. Form
b. Table
c. Report
d. Datasheet

13. What function does Form?
a. Adding
b. Deleting
c. Modify
d. All

14. Table is...
a. Field /Column 
b. Row & Chart 
c. Row & Column
d. None of above

15. What many ways to save the document?
a. 2
b. 4
c. 3 
d. 1.

16. To save a document in different location use
a. Save
b. Save as
c. Save as web page 
d. All

17. How many steps are there to create a form letter?
a  4 
b. 2
c. 3 
d. 1

18. The arrangement of elements such as Title and subtitle text, pictures, tables etc. is
a. Layout
b. Presentation 
c. Scheme
d. Design 

19. To move slide from one computer to another, the operation is... 
a. Pack and go
b. Save and go 
c. Save and Pack 
d. all of the above

20. What do you mean by dialog box?
a. interactive message box 
b. group of options
c. set of controls 
d. all of the above

21. The information of cell gives on
a. Formula bar
b. Name box
c. Name bar
d. Formatting bar

22. Where in located Footnote?
a. Top of the page.
b. Button of the page
c. Both
d. None

23. We create new document from
a. File/New Tab
b. File/New
c. Format/New option 
d. none of the above

24. The technology is used in CD-ROM?
a. Optical 
b. Magnetic
c. Mechanical 
d. Electro mechanical

25. Which one is not a floppy capacity? 
a. 1.24 MB 
b. 1.44 MB
c. 360 KB
d. 720 KB

26. Which code is used in keystroke?
b.  ANSI
c. Both
d. None

27. Charts hold with all the information?
a.  Legend 
b. Data table 
c.  Axis 
d.  Area

28. SVGA is related with
a. Printer 
b. Monitor 
c.  CPU 
d.  All

29. Which is popular secondary storage device?
a. Disk
b. CD
c. RAM
d. All of above

30. WWW stands for 
a World Wide Web 
b. World wide work
c. World wide webpage 
d. None

31. Which is database application? 
a. Excel 
b. Access
c. Spread sheet
d. All
32. Which one is used for database management?
a. Jet Engine
b. Boot & Logic
c. Procedure 
d. Format

33. Where is located Marge cell option?
a. Alignment 
b. Pattern
c. border
d. font

34. Command is associated with,
a. Disabled command 
b. Shortcut key
c. None
d. all

35. The fastest printer is....
a. Laser printer 
b. Dot Matrix printer
c. Inkjet printer
d. None of the above

36. Word processing is... 
a. 32 bit 
b. 16 bit 
c. 64 bit 
d. 8 bit 

36. Which devise used to relation for computer and user? 
a. Software
b. Hardware
c. Peripheral
d. Memory

37. What is the function of info super highway? 
a. Network to Network connection
b. linked other part of the world through broadband information network
c. Rapidly flow & gradually development of multimedia service
d. all of the above 

38. To delete cell, press
a. Ctrl+d
b. Alt+d 
c. Delete
d. ESc

39. To view comment... 
a. Edit menu
b. Insert menu
c. View menu 
d. Format menu

40. Which is ROM software? 
a. Romware
b. Firmware
c. Humanware
d. Fireware 

41. Which is used in binary code?

42. Restrict to database file use to another user we protect in
a. Exclusive mode.
b. Extended mode
c. Inclusive mode 
d. all of the above

43. Which DOS command uses to additional file 
a. Internal dos command
b. External dos command
c. primary command
d. all of above

44. The box which is appear right side of chart is called 
a. Legend
b. Label
c. Series
d. Data Marker

45. In Access to insert used
a. OLE
b. Hyperlink
c. Lookup wizard
d. Picture

46. In Access table, Which components are exist?
a. Field and Column
b. Row and Record
c. Column and Row
d. Row and Cell

47. Which is database program?
a. Oracle
b. Excel
c. Word
d. None

48. Which device connects the CPU and users? 
a. multimedia devices
b. Peripheral devices 
c. optical devices 
d. none of the above

49. Where does text box lies?
a. Drawing tool bars 
b. standard toolbar 
c. formatting toolbar
d. text box toolbar

50. In which menu we can add footnote?
a. Insert menu 
b. View menu
c. Format menu 
d. Edit menu

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