Computer Operator Question 2060

  Public Service Commission

Non-Gazetted First Level
Computer Operator

Time: 45 Minutes                                                                                                            Full Marks: 50

1. Which is the first computing device?

c) IBM-1400
d) Marc-II

2. Which is non impact printer?
a) Leaser printer
b) Dot Matrix printer
c) Daisy wheel printer
d) Line printer

3. Which one is sequential (serial) access device?
a) Floppy disk
b) Magnetic tape
c) Compact disk
d) None of the above

4. Which command is used to copy file myfile.doc form floppy disk to hard disk?
a) copy a:\myfile.doc c:
b) copy c:\myfile.doc a:
c) copy a:\ c:\myfile.doc
d) None of the above

5. Which is not system tool?
a) Folder
b) Backup
c) Scandisk
d) Format

6. Which is not concern with control panel?
a) Printer
b) Run application
c) Font
d) Keyboard

7. Desktop is a?
a) Provide workspace
b) Screen saver
c) Display program
d) Working with my doc

8. URL is a?
a) Uniform resource locator
b) United resource locator
c) United resource location
d) Uniform resource location

9. The abbreviation of HTML is?
a) Hyper text markup language
b) Hyper text marque language
c) Hybrid text marque language
d) Hyper type marque location

10. Full form of LSI?
a) Large Scale Integrated
b) Large Scale Integration
c) Long Scale Integrated
d) None of the above

11. Full form of EEPROM?
a) Electrically erasable programmable read only memory
b) Electronically erasable programmable read only memory
c) Electric erasable programmable read only memory
d) None of the above

12. Which one is primary storage?
b) Hard disk
c) CPU
d) Zip disk

13. Which memory loses data when power is off?
a) RAM
d) ROM

14. Which program translates one line at time?
a) Interpreter
b) Translator
c) Compiler
d) Assembler

15. What gives when word is opened?
a)Default setting
b) Formatting setting
c) Paragraph setting
d) Standard setting

16. Which one displays antonyms and synonyms?
a) Tools\language\thesaurus
b) Tools\language\dictionary
c) Tools\language\synonyms
d) None of the above

17. Indentation is a...?
a) Left margin
b) Right margin
c) Left space of paragraph
d) Top margin

18. While typing, number in cell margin is?
a) Right align
b) Justify
c) Left align
d) Center align

19. Workspace is a...?
a) Collection of workbook
b) Collection of sheet
c) Collection of documents
d) None of the above

20. Which character fixes row or column?
a) &
b) $
c) =
d) @

21. What is the integer value of 3/2+5*0.5+A1 where A1=0.75?
a) 4.75
b) 5
c) 3.75
d) None of the above

22. Which is not numeric data type?
a) Byte
b) Bit
c) Single
d) Double

23. Which object uses table & report?
a) Switch board
b) Query
c) Report
d) Form

24. How many relation can be formed with two tables?
a) One
b) Two
c) Three
d) Four

25. Which one is unique field?
a) Primary key
b) Foreign key
c) Index key
d) None of the above

26. Which is a not data field type?
a) OLE
b) Memo
c) Lookup Wizard
d) E-mail

27. Function of F5 in power point is?
a) Slide sorter
b) View show
c) Slide view
d) Normal view

28. How many options is display in power point starting?
a) 2
b) 4
c) 3
d) 5

29. Which heading appears when exploring power point slide into word?
a) Heading 1
b) Heading 2
c) Heading 3
d) Heading 4

30. Website is a?
a) Collection of related web page
b) Collection of web page
c) Collection of document
d) Collection of file

31. Which is graphical presentation?
a) Folder
b) Icon
c) File
d) None of the above

32. Which fields appears when report is created with report wizard?
a) All fields
b) Selected fields
c) Related fields
d) All of the above

33. Which characters forms the formula mode in excel?
a) =
b) +
c) ^
d) *

34. What is multimedia?
a) Sound, text, video, picture
b) Sound, video, picture
c) Text and picture
d) Video and sound

35. What is the combination of characters and paragraph formatting?
a) Style
b) Theme
c) Auto format
d) Paragraph

36. Which chart will show nominal data series?
a) Pie
b) Bar
c) Line
d) Column

37. Which menu provides apply design in power point?

a) Format menu
b) Slide show menu
c) Insert menu
d) Edit menu

38. How many tracks & sector contains MFDD?
a) 40,9
b) 30,9
c) 50,9
d) 60,9

39. Which option provides user to create separate document format or layouts?
a) Create section break
b) Create page break
c) Create column break
d) Text wrapping break

40. How do you create news paper column?
a) Format/column
b) Insert/column
c) Edit/column
d) Tools/column

41. Full form of E-R diagram?
a) Engineer Relational Diagram
b) Entity Relation Diagram
c) External Relational Diagram
d) Eternal Relation diagram

42. Which does not detect virus?
a) Oracle
b) Name
c) F-port
d) MacAfee

43. Advantage of networking?
a) Internet
b) Email
c) Data share
d) All of the above

44. Which is a part of CPU?
a) ALU
b) CU
c) Register Unit
d) All of the above

45. What is the function of print manager?
a) Print queue
b) Print cancels
c) Print stop
d) All of the above

46. How many sheets will open when excel is loaded (default value)?
a) 3
b) 5
c) 7
d) Unlimited

47. To go to specified page....?
a) Go to
b) Search
c) Find
d) All of the above

48. Data is?
a) Raw facts
b) Processed details
c) Data record
d) None of the above

49. Which is not sending message from word?
a) Mail recipient
b) Fax recipient
c) Internet explorer
d) PowerPoint

50. Modem is used for?
a) Data transfer
b) Internet connect
c) Email connect
d) None of Above
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