Sudurpakshim Province 2080.03.23

SudurPashchim Province



1. What shall be the term of "office of member of Appellate Tribuna!" according to Electronic Transaction Act, 2063?

A) 1 Year 

B) 2 Year

C) 5 Year

D) 10 Year


2. The small messages that can be read and written on Twitter are known as:

A) Twitter 

B) Tweezers

C) Tweets

D) Twit this


3. Which of the following not a social media platform? 

A) Facebook 

B) Twitter 

C) Instagram

D) Google


૪. वर्तमान सूचना तथा सञ्चार प्रविधि नीति कुन सालमा लागु भएको हो ?

A) 2071

B) 2072

C) 2070

D) 2074


5. The tag that creates the command button control is: 







6. Pick an example of a valid IP address:




D) 1.888.234.578


7. Which tag is used to create a drop down in HTML?

A) <input> 

B) <select> 

C) <text> 

D) <text area>


 8. If you want an organization logo to be appear on every slide, you should include it on..........

A) Slide Master.

B) Design Master

D) None of the above

C) Design Template


9. Which Powerpoint view displays each slide of the presentation as thumbnail and is useful for rearranging slides? (

A) Slide Master

B) Slide Show 

C) Slide Sorter

D) Notes page


10. Which shortcut key inserts a new slide in current presentation?

A) Ctrl + N

B) Ctrl+M

C) Ctrl + S 

D) All of the above


11) Which file starts MS Word?

A) Word 2003.exe 

B) Word.exe

C) Winword.exe

D) Ms Word.exe


12. What is default file extension of MS Word file?

A) .xls

B) .ppt

C) .doc

D) .jpg


13. In MS Word, status bar is located at 

A) Top side of toolbar

B) Bottom of the screen 

C) Right side of the Menu bar 

D) None of the above


14. Select all the text in MS Word document by:

A) Ctrl + S

B) Ctrl + 1

C) Ctrl + A

D) Ctrl + V


15. Which tab of word provide watermark in a document?

A) Home

B) Design 

C) Insert

D) Drawing


16. In MS Word which feature is used to create a newspaper like document:

A) Tables

B) Bullets

C) Columns.

D) Numbering


17. A word processor would be best to:

A) Paint a picture 

B) Workout income & expenses 

C) Draw a diagram

D) Type story


18. Which of the following command is in Home tab

A) Style

B) Font

C) Paragraph

D) All of the above


19. In MS Word, Auto correct and Auto text are.

A) Designing

B) Editing

C) Styling

D) Coping


20. View the document as it would look as a webpage is: 

A) Print Layout

B) Outline

C) Full screen reading

D) Web Layout


21. Concurrent processes are processes that:

A) Do not overlap in time

B) Are executed by a processes at the same time

C) Overlap in time

D) None of the above


22. What is the command to create a new directory in MS DOS:






23. Shortcut key to shutting down Windows Operating System is:

A) Shift + F1

B) Ctrl+ Alt + Del

C) Shift+F10

D) Alt+F4


24. Which of the following is not an Operating System?




D) CP/M 


25. Which file system is specially designed to provide more security?

A) FAT 16 


C) FAT 32

D) All of the above


26. A form contains: 

A) Single table 

B) Table

C) Single table or multiple tables

D) Field


27. Which is the most common type of query:

A) Parameter Query

B) Select Query

C) Action Query

D) Crosstab Query


28. In DBMS, the size of Yes/No field is always?

A) 1 Bit

B) 1 Byte

C) 1 Character

D) 1 GB


29. Which of the following is not MS Access database object?

A) Table

B) Chart.

C) Form

D) Report


30. It is an association established between two tables with common field is 

A) Line

B) Relationship 

C) Primary Key 

D) Records


31. In MS Excel, the correct formula to add three cells A1, B1 & C1 is:

A) =Sum(A1,B1,C1) 

B) = A1+B1+C1

C) =Sum(A1:C1)

D) All of the above


32. The cell referencing that does not get changed when copied is:

A) Absolute cell addressing 

B) Comparative cell referencing

C) Relative cell referencing 

D) None of the above 


33. In MS Excel, a set of commands describing a series of task to automate those tasks is called:

A) Linkage 

B) Function 

C) Micro 

D) Macro.


34. What is the shortcut key used to check and debug Excel formula?

A) F9.

B) F8

C) F10

D) F2


35. Which feature of Excel summarizes large volume of data in the tabular form?

A) Pivot Table

B) Subtotal

C) Goal Seek

D) Data Table


36. MS Excel is based on................ Operating System: 

A) OS/2

B) Windows




37. To Insert a column between column D & E, you should..........

A) Select column D & insert

B) Select column E & insert

C) Select columns both D & E & insert 

D) None of the above


38. In MS Excel, which of the following option in not available in the page setup  dialog box?

A) Page break preview..

B) Page orientation

C) Margin

D) Header and Footer


39. Which one is the easiest way to insert default chart in MS Excel:

A) Select data→→ Chart wizard

B) Insert → Chart from menu

C) Select data and press F11 

D) None of the above 


40.  In MS Excel, the symbol used for absolute cell reference is........

A) #

B) $ 

C) *

D) =


41. In which generation transistor is used?

A) 2nd

B) 1st

C) 3rd

D) 4th


42. The decimal equivalent of binary (1011) is

A) 13

B) 10

C) 11

D) 14


43. In Computer system, which of the following is a programming Language? 

A) MS Word 

B) Netscape 

C) Google



44. Which one of the following extends a private network across public network?

A) Local Area Network

B) Virtual Private Network 

C) Enterprise Private Network 

D) Storage Area Network


45. Multimedia consists of:

A) Animation

B) Text

C) Voice

D) All of the above..


46. The individual dots that form the image on a monitor are called:

A) Picas

B) Speaks

C) Pixels 

D) Particles


47. The ALU of a computer normally contains a number of high speed storage element called:

A) Semiconductor memory 

B) Hard Disk

C) Registers 

D) Magnetic disk


48.  In the network of 25 computers, which topology requires large amount of cables?

A) Star

B) Ring

C) Mesh

D) Bus


49. WAN stands for:

A) Wap Area Network

B) Wide Array Net

C) Wide Area Network 

D) Wireless Area Network


50 . Cache memory

A) Stores data permanently

B) Holds last time visited website links

C) Helps to store more data in hard disk 

D) Placed between two main memory and micro processor

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