Lumbini Province 2080.01.30

State Public Service Commission

Lumbini Pradesh, Nepal

Various services under local government services,

Open Competitive Written Examination for the post of Assistant Level 5th, Computer Operator 2080.01.30

1. The program embedded on chip is called:
A) Liveware
B) Firmware
C) Shareware
D) Operating system

2. Which of the following term refers to the physical path over which a message travels in a computer network?
A) Path
B) Medium
C) Route
D) protocol

3. Conversion of an octal number 20, to its binary number is:
A) 100002
B) 101112
C) 101102
D) 111102

4. FAT stands for:
A) File accommodation  table
B) File access tape
C) File allocation table
D) File activity table

5. Which command will be used to display a file within the specified directory of pathname?
A) Dir \pathname
B) Dir pathname\pathname
C) Dir/ch
D) Dir \pathname\filename

6. Which of the following is a component of Microsoft windows that enables to view and change system settings?
A) Windows control
B) Control panel
C) Windows setting
D) Windows panel

7. Windows control panel is used to:
A) Removing hardware and software
B) Controlling user accounts
C) Accessing networking settings
D) All of the above

8. Which of the following is not of the merge process?
A) Sort the data source records
B) Merge the two files to print or create a new document
C) Edit a data source
D) Format a main document

9. Which of the following command can be used to access the font size tool on formatting toolbar?
A) Ctrl + S
B) Ctrl + Shift + S
C) Ctrl+P
D) Ctrl + Shift + P

10. Which of the following typically appear at the end of document for citation of source?
A) End note
B) Foot note
C) Header
D) Footer

11. Superscript, subscript, outline, emboss, engrave are known as:
A) Font styles
B) Font effects
C) Word art
D) Text effects

12. Which of the following can be picked as reference type while inserting a cross- reference?
A) Bookmark
B) Footnote
C) Endnote
D) All of the above

13. Search a text to change and replace it with something other can be done by:
A) Ctrl+F
B) Ctrl+H
C) Ctrl+C
D) All of the above

14. Which of the following security technique helps to maintain integrity of a document?
A) File password
B) Digital signature
C) File encryption
D) All of the above

15. Header and footer are visible in:
A) Draft view
B) Normal view
C) Page layout view
D) Print layout view

16. What happens when dollar signs ($) are entered in a cell address? (e$B$2:$B$10)
A) An absolute cell address is created.
B) Cell address will change when it is copied to another
C) The sheet tab is changed
D) The status bar does not display the cell address.

17. When a number does not fit in a cell of excel, it displays:
A) ###
B) #DIV/0!
C) Name?
D) All of the above

18.The formula "Counta (valuel, Value2....) counts the number of cells in a range that:
A) Are not empty
B) Contain numbers
C) Empty cells
D) Contain text

19. Indentify the invalid method of editing the cell content:
A) Press the F2 key
B) Press the Alt key
C) Double click the cell
D) Click the formula bar

20. You can specify to format a cell value as currency:
A) Currency symbol
B) Decimal places
C) Decimal places and currency symbol
D) Neither currency symbol nor decimal places

21 . What is the universal file format for importing and exporting data in excel?
D) Text

22. Generating series of numbers/specific sequential number codes can be done manually by:
A) Selecting two numbers that are in the right sequence
B) Dragging the fill handle to the end of the numbered range
C) Use the ROW function together with the TEXT function
D) All of the above

23. Which of the following ways filters data from Pivot table?
A) Inserting slicer
B) Using Auto filter
C) Using report filter
D) All of the above

24. Which of the following search a table for a particular value and then find the associated value in the same row, but different column?
D) All of the above

25. A composite key is:
A) The primary key with auto number as the field type.
B) Is a foreign key that uniquely identifies records.
C) Made up of two or more fields to uniquely identify records.
D) None of the above.

26. Which of the following command is used to delete an existing row in a table?
A) Erase
B) Drop
C) Delete
D) Remove

27. Using the keyword……. will return records in which the field value equals a
defined text.
A) Like
B) Between
C) Is Null
D) Equal

28. is used to represent relationship between tables.
A) Primary key
B) Secondary key
C) Foreign key
D) Tertiary key

29. Which is the relationship between database tables represents the case where there are many people involved in each project and every person can involve more than one project?
A) One to one relationship
B) One to many or many to one relationship
C) Many to many relationships
D) None of the above

30.A......... in access is a database object that you can use to create a user interface for database application.
A) Form
B) Report
C) Macro
D) All of the above

31. Which of the following section does not exist in a slide layout?
A) Animation
B) Chart
C) List
D) Title

32. ……….allows to create new presentation by selecting ready-made font and graphics
A) Design template
B) Master slide
C) Animation scheme
D) Presentation template

33.HTML is what type of language?
A) Scripting language
B) Markup language
C) Programming language
D) Network protocol

34. The tag used to add images to HTML document is:
B) <HR>
C) <H1>
D) <IMG>

35. According to electronic transaction act, who appoints controller?
A) Nepal Government
B) Ministry of general administration
C) Office of company registrar
D) Department of information technology

36. Which of the following is not major objective of ICT policy 2072?
A) To create ICT easily accessible and affordable to all
B) To develop new and upgrade the existing ICT infrastructure
C) To promote good governance using ICT
D) To develop and implement 5G network all over the country.

37. Which of the following is/are the provincial power?
A) Operation of radio, FM., television
B) Housing and land registration fee
C) Motor vehicle tax
D) All of the above

38. Provisions related to computer offences/ crimes are mentioned in:
A) The constitution of Nepal
B) Local government operation act
C) IT policy
D) Electronic transaction act

39. The application of machine learning methods to a large database is called:
A) Artificial Intelligence
B) Data mining
C) Big data computing
D) Internet of things

40. Which of the following is/are application of natural language processing (NPL)?
A) Speech recognition
B) Speech segmentation
C) Text to speech
D) All of the above

41. जिन्सी व्यवस्थापनको पहिलो प्रक्रिया तलका मध्ये कुन हो ?
A) खरिद योजना

B) माग संकलन

C) खरिद आदेश

D) दाखिला

42. सार्वजनिक सेवा प्रवाहलाई प्रभावकारी तुल्याउन स्थापना गरिएको हेलो सरकारको निशुल्क फोन नम्बर तलका मध्ये कुन हो ?
A) १००१
B) १००४
C) १०११
D) ११११

43. नेपालमा भित्र्याइएको पहिलो कम्प्युटर कुन हो ?
A) ICL 2950/10
B) IBM 1401
C) Facit

44. चलानी रजिष्टरमा तलका मध्ये कुन कुरा खुलाउनु पर्दैन ?
A) पत्रको मिति
B) चलानी नं.

C) विषय
D) हस्ताक्षर गर्ने पदाधिकारीको नामथर


45. उत्प्रेरणाको दुई तत्व सिद्धान्त कसले प्रतिपादन गरेका हुन् ?
A) फ्रेडरिक हर्जवर्ग
B) अब्राहम मास्लो

C) म्याक ग्रेगर
D) जोन एडम्स

46........ developed the basic computer architecture.
A) Charles Babbage
B) John von neumann
C) Blaise pascal
D) Garden moore

47. Which computer memory is used for storing program and data currently being
processed by the CPU?
A) Mass memory
B) Internal Memory
C) Non-volatile memory

48. Which of the following technology is used by hard disk drive?
A) Semiconductors
B) Laser beam
C) Magnetic disk
D) Magnetic tapet

49............ is formed when computers are networked with a switch in a LAN.
A) Bus topology
B) Ring topology
C) Star topology
D) Mesh topology

50. connector is used at ends of twisted pair cable to connect a NIC card and va port in a switch
A) RJ45

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