Byapar Tatha Parbahan 2072


Byapar Tatha Parbahan

Computer Operator - 2072

1. Which feature is used for monitoring all document changes?

a. Edit document

b. Monitor change

c. Track change

d. Track all


2. Which tool can the user use to set indents or tabs?

a. Title bar

b. Insertion point

c. Tool bar

d. Ruler


3. What is the shortcut key to reach at the beginning and at the end of a long 1000 page document?

a. Alt+Home and Alt+End

b. Ctrl+PdUp and Ctrl+PgDn

c. Shift+Home and Shift+End

d. Ctrl+Home and Ctrl+End


4. How footnotes, Endnotes and Indexes are inserted in a document?

a. As Bookmarks

b. As Cross References

c. As Hyperlinks

d. As Word Fields


5. If name "profit" is assigned to cell D5, then

a. Value of D5 is "profit"

b. Formula D5/2 may be written as "Profile"/2

c. Both a and b

d. None of above


6. What is Data Series in MS-Exccel?

a. A type of chart

b. A cell reference

c. A collection of related data

d. A division of results


7. What is the executable file of MS Excel?

a. Excel

b. MS Excel

c. Win Excel

d. None of above


8. In goal seek, the "by changing cell" refers to the cell

a. Containing the outcome formula

b. Containing the constraints

c. That you are attempting to calculate

d. Containing the target value


9. How many cells are there in F16 to H17?

a. 9

b. 12

c. 3

D. 6


10. A format rule that affects the entire worksheet is called

a. Global format rule

b. Individual format rule

c. Hierarchical format rule

d. None of the above


11. Which elements of a worksheet can be protected from accidental modifications?

a. Contents

b. Objects

c. Scenarios

d. All of the above


12. Which function do you use to return the remainder after a number is divided by another?

a. round()

b. fact()

c. mod()

d. div()


13. Pie-Chart in Excel can be created using ...

a. Two data series and all values are positive

b. One data series and all values are positive

c. Two data series and all values are negative

d. One data series and all values are negative


14. What message will be displayed in the status line when a formula =A1+A2 is entered in cell A1?

a. mem

b. error

c. circ

d. zero


15. Which object is used to create a form in Microsoft Access?

a. Tables and queries

b. Tables only

c. Tables and reports

d. Queries and reports


16. In Access which wild card is not mostly used?

a. @

b. #

c. ?

d. *


17. Data integrity control

a. is used to set upper and lower limits on numeric data

b. requires the use of passwords to prohibit unauthorized access to the file

c. has the data dictionary keep the data and time of last access time and most recent modification for all files

d. none of the above


18. Which of the following is a set of actions that the user can create to automate common tasks?

a. reports

b. modules

c. macros

d. pages


19.A query is

a. A miniature program that tells the DBMS what to do

b. Expressed using a query language

c. Both a and b

d. None of above


20. What would you choose to create a pre-formatted style?

a. Slide Sorter View

b. Slide Layout

c. Slide Transition

d. Slide Design


21. What is the shortcut key for slide show?

a. F9

b. F5

c. Ctrl+S

d. Alt+S


22. In Microsoft PoweerPoint the entry effect as one slide replaces another in a show is called a

a. Animation

b. Slide Transition

c. Custom Animation

d. Presentation Animation


23. World Wide Web is founded by

a. Bill Gates

b. E.F. Codd

c. Charles Babbage

d. Tim Berners Lee


24. Which of the following is not a body tag properties?

a. Bgcolor

b. Image

c. Text

d. Background


25. <UL></UL> tag is used to

a. Display the number list

b. Underline the text

c. Display the bulleted list

d. Bold the text


26. Which of the following has the fastest access time?

a. Semiconductor memory?

b. Magnetic disk

c. Magnetic tape

d. Compact disk


27. The 0, 1 of the data is known as

a. Half byte

b. bit

c. byte

d. nibble


28. What do you call the transistor the translator that translates assembly language program into machine codes?

a. Compiler

b. Interpreter

c. Debugger

d. Asssembler


29. We need ... to terminate the signal while using the UTP cable

a. RJ 45

b. RJ 11

c. BNC

d. 5N Terminator


30. Computer Virus is a software program which as the essential abiity to

a. Clone itself

b. Hide itself

c. Damage data

d. All of the above


31. For each instruction in program memory, the CPU goes through a

a. Decode-fetch-execute sequence

b. Execute-store-decode sequence

c. Fetch-decode-execute sequence

d. Fetch-execute-decode sequence


32. The programs which are as permanent as hardware and stored in ROM are known as

a. hardware

b. software

c. firmware

d. romware


33. The basic operation performed by a computer are

a. arithmetic operation

b. logical operation

c. storage

d. all of the above


34. Protecting the data from unauthorized access is called

a. data inaccessibility

b. data encryption

c. data security

d. data validity


35. Which of the following is not an internet protocol?

a. IPV4

b. IPX

c. IPV6

d. None of above


36. Who invented Analytical Engine?

a. Blaise Pascal

b. George Bool

c. Charles Babbage

d. Dr. Herman Hollerith


37. Which of the following you can do with electronic mail?

a. Send and read mail

b. Delete, reply to, or forward

c. Delete someone else's mail

d. Both a and b


38. Which of the following codes uses 7 bits to represent a character?



c. BIT



39. The network topology with highest reliability is

a. Bus topology

b. Star topology

c. Ring topology

d. Mesh topology


40. Recycle Bin stores

a. Permanently deleted files

b. Temporary deleted files

c. Unnecessary files

d. None of the above


41. How do you switch between programs?

a. Alt+tab

b. Shift+f10

c. F1

d. F6


42. Which of the following wild card is used most often in command line operation?

a. ?

b. #

c. %

d. *


43. When computer is turned on, which fo the following is first executed?

a. Bootstrap loader

b. Operating system

c. System software

d. Application software


44. Which key do you press to quit without saving in MS DOS?

a. Ctrl + A

b. Ctrl + S

c. Ctrl + C

d. Ctrl + Q


45. The indicator on the screen that shows where things will happen next in MS Word is called

a. Arrow key

b. Control key

c. Cursor

d. None of above


46. What is the shortcut key to open the Thesaurus window?

a. Ctrl + F7

b. F7

c. Alt + F7

d. Shift + F7


47. ... shows the list of synonyms

a. Autotext

b. Autocorrect

c. Spelling and grammar

d. Thesaurus


48. Which enables you to move directly to specific location in a document

a. Subdocuments

b. Bookmarks

c. Cross references

d. Outlines


49. Studies have shown that the easiest documents to read use

a. Ragged right margins

b. Right justified margins

c. Ragged left margins

d. None of above


50. Word count gives you...

a. Number of lines

b. Number of character

c. Number of paragraphs

d. None of the above


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