Model Set-6

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Model Set-6 


1. A storage device which is used to store data & information external to the main storage is known as
(A) Buffer
(B) Backing storage
(D) Accumulator

2. The process of writing computer instructions in a programming language is known as
(A) Coding
(B) Processing
(C) Programming
(D) File

3. Which kind of storage device can be carried around?
(A) Floppy disk
(B) Hard disk
(C) System cabinet
(D) Hard disk drive

4. The most common input device used today is
(A) Motherboard
(B) Track ball
(C) Scanner
(D) Keyboard

5. Fifth generation computers are likely to exhibit
(A) Artificial intelligence
(B) Heuristic behaviour
(C) Advanced parallel processing
(D) All of the above

6. Which of the following languages is the most widely used?
(A) PL/1

7. RAM is also known as
(A) Read-only memory
(B) Programmable read-only memory
(C) Read/Write memory
(D) Erasable programmable read-only memory

8. A common example of a data storage medium is
(A) Cartridge
(B) Floppies

(C) Disk
(D) None of the above

9. What is the name of the display feature that highlights areas of the screen which require operator attention?
(A) Pixel
(B) Reverse video
(C) Touch screen
(D) Cursor

10. LISP was developed by
(A) John Mc Carthy
(B) Blaise Pascal
(C) Dr. Hollerith
(D) John Napier

11. The unit of hardware an operator uses to monitor computer processing is the:
(A) Card reader
(C) Line printer
(D) Console

12. The digital computer was developed primarily in
(B) Japan
(D) UK

13. Abacus was the first
(A) Electronic computer
(B) Mechanical computer
(C) Electronic calculator
(D) Mechanical calculator

14. Mnemonic a memory trick is used in which of the following language?
(A) Machine language
(B) Assembly language
(C) High level language
(D) None of above

15. When was the world’s first laptop computer introduced in the market and by whom?
(A) Hewlett-Packard, 1980
(B) Epson, 1981
(C) Laplink Traveling Software Inc, 1982
(D) Tandy Model200, 1985

16. Properly arranged data is called
(A) Field
(B) Words
(C) Information
(D) File

17. Which of these is not an MS Office product?
(A) Office Sway
(B) Office 365 Video
(C) Open Office
(D) Delve

18. What is the best way to add a background image to all the slides?
(A) By adding a background image to the first slide
(B) By using Autocorrect option
(C) By editing the master slide
(D) It is not possible in MS PowerPoint

19. What does BCC mean?
(A) Blank carbon copy
(B) Blind carbon copy
(C) Blue carbon copy
(D) Black carbon copy

20. Which of these folders in Gmail will contain the emails which are composed but not yet sent?
(A) Inbox
(B) Sent
(C) Spam
(D) Drafts

21. What do we call a malicious computer program which pretends to be a useful application?
(A) Worms
(B) Trojan horse
(C) Ransomware
(D) Keylogger

22. Which of these is known as the first search engine?
(A) Archie
(C) Gopher
(D) Google

23. Which of the following is the other name used for a Daughter Board?
(A) Daughter card
(B) Mezzanine board
(C) Piggyback board
(D) All of the Above

24. Who is the father of Open Source Software?
(A) Richard Stallman
(B) Noumen
(C) Ven Alley
(D) Bill Gates

25. Which of the following is the processing unit of the computer?
(B) Memory
(C) Graphic Card
(D) Mother Board


Answer Sheet:


1. (B) Backing storage
2. (A) Coding
3. (A) Floppy disk
4. (D) Keyboard

5. (D) All of the above

7. (C) Read/Write memory

8. (C) Disk
9. (B) Reverse video
10. (A) John Mc Carthy
11. (D) Console

12. (C) USA
13. (D) Mechanical calculator

14. (B) Assembly language

15. (B) Epson, 1981
16. (C) Information
17. (C) Open Office
18. .(C) By editing the master slide
19. (B) Blind carbon copy
20. (D) Drafts

21. (B) Trojan horse
22. (A) Archie

23. .(D) All of the Above

24. .(A) Richard Stallman
25. .(A) CPU

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