Computer Operator (Local Level)2078/11/14


Province Public Service Commission

Gandaki Province

Computer Operator (Local Level)2078/11/14

The key of the question paper must be mentioned in the answer sheet. Failure to do so will result in cancellation of the answer sheet. Also, electronic devices like Calculator and Mobile will not be used in the exam.

1. How do you display current date and time in MS-Excel?

A. =Today ()

B. =now ()

C. =date ()

D. =time()


2. The statistical analysis and visualization in Google spreadsheet is:

A. Richer than MS-Excel

B. Limited than MS-Excel

C. Not Available

D. Powerful than MS-Excel


3. Which of the following tag is used to add rows in the table?

A. <td> and </td>

B. <th> and </th>

C. <tr> and </tr>.

D. <row> and </row>


4. The shortcut key to start presentation from the current slide is:

A. F5

B. Shift+F5

C. Ctrl+F7

D. F7


5. In which method we don't need to specify the field type and size while creating a new table in MS-Access?

A. Design View

B. While Using Wizard

C. Create Table by Entering Data,

D. All of the above

6. Which allows us to send same letter to different persons?

A. Macros

B. Mail Merge

C. Template

D. None of the above


7. Bullet and numbering are in:

A. Home Tab.

B. Insert Tab

C. View Tab

D. Page Layout Tab


8. The command used to hide a file "hello.txt" from existing explorer's view is:

A. attrib+h hello.txt

B. attrib +a hello.txt

C. attrib +r hello.txt

D. attrib+s hello.txt


9. The number of wires used in CAT5 cable are:

A. 5

B. 8

C. 6

D. 4


10. The set by ICT Policy-2072 to achieve digital literacy of Nepal was.... percent by year 2020:

A. 68

B. 75

C. 60

D. 50


11. H5 in a spreadsheet means:

A. Row 5 and column H

B. In row H,5 is written

C. Row H, column 5

D. In column 5, 'H' is written


12. Which of the following refers to the user's part of the cloud computing system?

A. Back end

B. Management

C. Infrastructure

D. Front end


13. The languages that instructs the browser on how pictures to display the hypertext, and adds pictures to the document is

A. C





14. In the normal view, F11 can be used to... In MS- PowerPoint.

A. Open Navigator

B. Open content Menu

C. Access setup Options

D. Open the styles and formatting window


15 Which is the structure of the database?

A. Relation

B. Table

C. Schema

D. None of the above


16. Which of the following is not essential function of word processor software?

A. Saving

B. Editing

C. Indexing.

D. Formatting


17. Formatting a cell in number format you cannot set:

A. Decimal Places

B. Negative Numbers

C. Currency Symbol

D. Use 1000 separator


18. While working in a computer the screen was rotated by 90 degrees clockwise. What is  the correct keyboard shortcut to restore screen?

A. Ctrl+Alt+I

B. Ctrl+shift+I

C. Windows+shift+I

D. Alt +Shift+I


19. The file extension for movie is not:




D. MP3


20. A user copies a cell that contains the formula and pastes it in another cell using Ctrl+V. The content of pasted cell is a:

A. Formula

B. Value

C. Empty value

D. Location


21. Real-time meetings can be performed using Google Meet. Similar meetings can be conducted using:

A. Microsoft Outlook

B. Microsoft Teams

C. Microsoft One Note

D. All of the above


22. The binary equivalent of decimal number 10 is:

A. 1010

B. 0101

C. 0011

D. 1111


23. function MS-Excel worksheet represents the total number(s) of entries in the







24. The equivalent terminal command of "dir" in window to that of Linux terminal is:

A. /dir

B. ds

C. /s

D. /d


25. A system to reduce data redundancy, dependence, inconsistency and unauthorized access is:

A. Records


C. Passwords

D. Information Security


26. Portrait and Landscape are:

A. Page Orientation

B. Paper Size

C. Page Layout

D. Page Margin


27. What is the shortcut key to delete a file permanently from computer without sending it to the Recycle Bin?

A. All +Delete

B. Ctrl + Delete

C. Shift + Delete

D. Windows + Delete


28. Which program is used to provide software interface to hardware devices?

A. System software

B. Application software

C. Device driver

D. All of the above


29. Which of the following IP addresses can be used as (a) loop-back addresses?






30. Which symbol must all the formula in MS-Excel begin with?

A. @

B. =

C. +

D. -


31. Which attribute is used to identify the values of variables?

A. Text

B. Http

C. Content

D. Name


32. Student (ID, Name, Department Name, Total Credits) in this query which attribute form the primary key?

A. Name

B. Department Name


D. Total Credits


33. Which of the following items can be inserted into Header or Footer of a document?

A. Page Numbers

B. Picture, shapes

C. Tables

D. All of the above


34. What is the shortcut key for Spelling Check in word document?

A. Shift+F7

B. Ctrl +F7

C. Alt+F7

D. F7


35. Which of these is not an operating system?

A. Linux

B. Anroid

C. iOS

D. Java


36. Which of them is a Cloud Storage Service?

A. Google Meet

B. Outlook

C. Google Driver

D. Teams


37. Ethernet cards are used for:

A. Scanning

B. Graphic Design

C. Internet Connection.

D. Printing


38. MS-Excel is an example of:

A. Database Management software

B. Presentation software Spreadsheet software

C. Workbook software

D. Spreadsheet Software


39. Which of the following is not a web browser?

A. Google

B. Safari

C. Opera

D. Firefox


40. Trojan Virus is a malware that:

A. Affects the Operating system

B. Makes a computer slow

C. Creates network traffic

D. Encrypts the data


41. How can you merge the selected cells in the same row in MS-Excel?

A. Select cell-> Merge Cells

B. Select cell->Merge & Center

C. Select cell Merge Across

D. Select cell->Unmerged


42. There are a maximum of rows in MS-Excel 2021.

A. 16,364

B. 1,048,576

C. Unlimited

D. Can be increased by user


43. …………is a software which is freely available on Internet and open for further improvement, distribution.

A. Open Source Software

B. Unlicensed Software

C. Proprietary Software

D. Free Software


44. The concept in PowerPoint which controls how presentation moves from one slide to the next slide but not how objects move onto and around a slide:

A. Animation

B. Transition

C. Effect

D. All of the above


45. Deleting a table from a database can be done using Structured Query Language with the help of:

A. DROP table statement

B.DELETE statement

C. UPDATE statement

D. Both A & B



46. A computer operator wants to create a different numbering style based on chapters of a book typed in MS-Word. He may achieve so by using:

A. Footer Settings

B. Line Breaks

C. Page Breaks

D. Section Breaks.



47. A page needs a watermark. We can create watermarks by setting:

A. Page Layout.

B. Ruler

C. Format Painter

D. Section Break


48. Full form of GUI is

A. Graphical User Integration

B. Graphical User Interface.

C. Graphical User Identification

D. Geometrical User Integration

49. A three-layer switch is a kind of:

A. Repeater

B. Bridge

C. Router

D. None of the above


50. Which is used to copy the content of a cell or to create series?

A. Column fill

B. Automatic fill

C. Range fill

D. Series fill

 The End


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