Self Test-2



1. If you want to restore active window in power point?

a) Ctrl+F10

b) Ctrl+F5

c) Ctrl+Shift+F10

d) Ctrl+Alt+F10


2. Ms-DOS was release in .................?

a) 1981

b) 1983

c) 1985

d) 1987


3._____ are recorded as magnetic spots on the tape along several tracks.

a) Bits

b) Dots

c) Signals

d) Magnetic strip


4. How to insert Tables in Slide?

a) Insert Table from insert menu

b) Insert Table from formatting toolbar

c) both a & b

d) Tables cannot be inserted in slides


5. Network congestion occurs

a) In case of traffic overloading

b) When a system terminates

c) When connection between two nodes terminates

d) None of the above


6. You can insert field code in word from

a) home

b) design

c) animation

d) none


7. From ......... menu, comment can be viewed.

a) Edit menu

b) Insert menu

c) View menu

d) Format menu


8. A fire wall is used to protect against

a) unauthorized access

b) virus attacks

c) fire attacks

d) all of the above


9. The microprocessor contains the millions of .........

a) Registers

b) Transistors

c) Capacitors

d) All of the above


10. Which will not create a sub directory on disk?

a) Mkdir

b) Md

c) Chdir

d) All of the above


11. The latest 16-bit Unicode can represent the ...... symbols.

a) 256

b) 32567

c) 40000

d) 65536


12. The command is used to remove sub-directory which contains some files.

a) RD

b) RMdir

c) Deltree

d) Erase


13. The high speed and capable to support large number of devices is ........

a) USB

b) Parallel

c) Serial



14. Which directory can not be created by MD command?

a) Sub directory

b) Root directory

c) Child directory

d) None


15. The command will display the history of operating system.

a) Chkdsk

b) Mem

c) Vol

d) Ver


16. The video display adaptor not support ..........

a) 4-bit

b) 8-bit

c) 12-bit

d) 16-bit


17. SYS command is used to

a) Update the DOS system files

b) Copy DOS system files to new disk

c) Copy DOS configuration files to a new disk

d) All of the above


18. MS DOS support file name up to ........ characters in Length.

a) 2

b) 5

c) 7

d) 8


19.  What is the maximum number of character in password?

a) 8

b) 16

c) 32

d) 255


20. From which menu you can insert borders and shading in Ms-Word?

a) Insert

b) Design

c) References

d) Page Layout


21. What is provisioned in Electronic Transaction Act, 2063?

a) Cyber Crime Offenses

b) Digital Signature

c) Legality of Electronic Records

d) All of above


22. High level language is also called

a) Problem oriented language

b) Business oriented language

c) Mathematically oriented language

d) All of the above


23. Parallel Port can not connect:

a) printers

b) Scanners

c) Telephones

d) Monitors


24. Which of the following features is used to arrange the records in a data source before merging?

a) Filter

b) Match fields

c) Sort

d) Auto Check for errors


25. Private network allowing third-party partners to gain information, typically about a specific company or institution

a) Internet

b) Intranet

c) Extranet

d) MAN

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