Electronic Transaction Act 2063

 Transaction Act 2063

ETA (Electronic Transaction and Digital Signature Act - Ordinance) is also known as cyber law of Nepal. It was formulated in 30th Bhadra 2061 BS (15th September 2004 AD) but the Government of Nepal (House of Representative) approved the Electronic Transaction Act - 2063 only in 2nd September 2006 AD. The electronic transaction is transactions of electronic records data by using any types of electronic means. It contains electric records and valid digital medium and the exchange of all types of records which are in the form of electronic. An act that related with electronic transaction is call electronic transaction act.


1. To make legal provision for authentication and regulation of electronic data.

2. To make a reliable date generation, communication, and transmission.

3. To make a secured and authentic means of electronic communication.

4. To regulate all the relating matters of electronic transactions.


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