Cultural Corporation Administration, Assistant First (5th Level), Computer Operator Question 2074


                                                                         Lok Sewa Aayog

Cultural Corporation Administration
Assistant First (5th Level)
Computer Operator

Competitive Written Examination

Time: 45 mins

Correct answers are marked as Bold Text.

  1. Shortcut key for printing document is?
    a. ALT+P
    b. Ctrl+M
    c. Ctrl+P
    d. Ctrl+I
  2. .Paste Special allows some operation where you paste to new cell. Which of the following operation is valid?
    a. Square
    b. Percentage
    c. Goal Seek
    d. Divide
  3. What is the quickest way to select entire worksheet?
    a. Choose edit, select all from the menu
    b. Click on the first column, press Ctrl, and then click on the last column
    c. Click on first column, press Shift, and then click on the last column
    d. Click on the rectangle box on the upper left corner where column headings and row headings meet
  4. A numeric value can be treated as label value if …… precedes it.
    a. Apostrophe ()

    b. Exclamation (!)
    c. Hash (#)
    d. Tilte (~)
  5. How to display updatable current date in MS Excel?
    a. Date()
    b. Today()
    c. Now()
    d. Ctl+;
  6. A function inside another function is called….
    a. Nested round function
    b. Sum function
    c. Sum function
    d. Text function
  7. If 10/2 entered in a cell without applying any formats, excel will treat this as
    a. Fraction
    b. Number
    c. Date
    d. Text
  8. Which of the following shortcuts can be used to insert a new line in the same cell?
    a. Enter
    b. Alt+Enter
    c. Ctrl+Enter
    d. Shift+Enter
  9. Chart type to visually compare values across a few categories is …?
    a. Pie
    b. Column
    c. Line
    d. Area
  10. Workbook is collection of?
    a. Cells
    b. Worksheets
    c. Workspaces
    d. Projects
  11. Microsoft Access is a
    a. RDBMS
    b. OODBMS
    c. ORDBMS
    d. Network Database Model
  12. Which of the following is not a type of Microsoft Access Database Object?
    a. Table
    b. Form
    c. Worksheet
    d. Module
  13. In a relational schema, each tuple is divided into fields called
    a. Relations
    b. Domains
    c. Queries
    d. All of the above
  14. Which of the following is not an option when printing handouts?
    a. Six slides per page
    b. Five slides per page
    c. Three slides per page
    d. Two slides per page
  15. What is a motion path??
    a. A type of animation entrance effect
    b. A method of advancing slides
    c. A method of moving items on a slide
    d. All of the above
  16. Communication channel is shared by all the machines on the network in
    a. Broadcast network

    b. Unicast network
    c. Multicast network
    d. None of above
  17. Which one of the following extends a private network across public networks?
    a. Local area network
    b. Virtual private network
    c. enterprise private network
    d. storage area network
  18. Which of the following memories needs refreshing?
    a. SRAM
    b. DRAM
    c. ROM
    d. All of above
  19. Which of the following have low failure rate?
    a. Mechanical devices
    b. Electronic devices
    c. Electro-mechanical devices
    d. None of above
  20. Any data or instruction entered into the memory of a computer is considered as
    a. storage
    b. output
    c. input
    d. information
  21. Which of the following is not an application software package
    a. Redhat Linux
    b. Microsoft Office
    c. Adobe PageMaker
    d. Open Office
  22. What is compiler
    a. A compiler does a conversion line by line as the program is run
    b. A compiler converts the whole of higher level program code into machine code in one step
    c. A compiler is a general purpose language providing very efficient execution
    d. None of above
  23. ASCII stands for
    a. American Stable Code for International Interchange
    b. American Standard Case for Institutional Interchange
    c. American Standard Code for Information Interchange
    d. American Standard Code for Interchange Information
  24. Computer Virus is a
    a. Hardware
    b. Software
    c. Bacteria
    d. Freeware
  25. The device primarily used to provide hardcopy is the
    a. CRT
    b. Computer Console
    c. Printer
    d. Card Reader
  26. …… allows us to organize our files so we can more easily find them
    a. Navigation
    b. Folder
    c. Desktop
    d. None of above
  27. The … folder is the default place that most applications want to store data files in
    a. Start menu
    b. Recycle bin
    c. Program files
    d. My documents
  28. …. Tool helps to reduce the access time from disk
    a. Scandisk
    b. Disk defragmenter
    c. Backup
    d. Format
  29. Which is not true for operating system?
    a. helps to execute applications
    b. performs memory management
    c. solves users actual problems
    d. controls all the operations of computer
  30. In computing what is the process by which a running computer system is restarted without the need to interrupt the power?
    a. Hibernate
    b. Warm boot
    c. Cold boot
    d. Restart
  31. Which file starts MS Word?
    a. winword.exe
    b. word.exe
    c. msword.exe
    d. word2003.exe
  32. Which of the following is not a valid list tag?
    a. <al>
    b. <li>
    c. <ol>
    d. <ul>
  33. Portrait and Landscape are
    a. Page orientation
    b. Paper size
    c. Page layout
    d. All of the above
  34. How can you remove tab stop markers from ruler?
    a. Double click on the tab marker and choose clear all
    b. Drag the tab stop marker out of the ruler
    c. Right click the tab stop marker and choose remove
    d. All of above
  35. Which of the following is not available on the Ruler of MS Word Screen?
    a. Tab stop box
    b. Left indent
    c. Right indent
    d. Center indent
  36. To autofit the width of column
    a. Double click the left border of column
    b. Double click the right border of column
    c. Double click the column header
    d. All of above
  37. Which one is the correct HTML tag for the largest heading?
    a. Head
    b. H1
    c. H6
    d. Header
  38. Where can you change the vertical alignment
    a. Paragraph dialog box
    b. Formatting toolbar
    c. Page Setup dialog box
    d. Standard toolbar
  39. Which of the following is not the merge process
    a. soft the data source records
    b. merge the two files to print or create a new document
    c. edit data source
    d. format main document
  40. Automatically placed drop cap in the line
    a. 2 lines
    b. 3 lines
    c. 5 lines
    d. 8 lines


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