Computer Operator Questions 2064, Nagarik Lagani Kosh


                        नागरिक लगानी काेष

राजपत्र अनंकित प्रथम श्रेणी 

कम्प्युटर अपरेटर पद

प्रतियोगितात्मक लिखित परीक्षा २०६४

समयः ४५ मिनेट                              विषय:- सेवा सम्बन्धी                                पूर्णाङ्क: ५०

बहुउत्तर (५० x १ = ५० अंक) ।

1. Abacus was a .........device.
a. Electronic
b. Counting
c. digital
d. calculating

2. How many computers are there on the basis of working principle?
a. 2
b. 3
c. 4
d. 5

3. What technology was used in second generation?
a. vacuum tube
b. transistor
c. IC
d. microprocessor

4. Which is not output device?
a. printer         
b. monitor
d. scanner

5. Which is a secondary memory?
a. RAM 
b. ROM
c. Compact disk
d. none

6. What is the function of operating system?
a. memory management 
b. hardware management
c. file management 
d. all of the above

7. Which file is transfer when computer is start up?
a. document
b. program file
c. operating system 
d. system files

8. Format a:/s will do..
a. formats with create system file
b. formats with verification
c. formats with surface scan
d. none

9. Copy con ram.txt is
a. copy the enter data
b. delete the data
c. controlling the enter data
d. all of the above

10. Which is invalid character for saving a document?
a. a to z
b. 0 to 9
c. $

11. Internal commands are
a. incorporate the
b. incorporate the command directory.
c. have external file
d. all of the above

12. RD commands is used for
a. removes an empty directory
b. removes non empty directory
c. removes directory include files. 
d. none of the above

13. Which is not an application?
a. word
c. PowerPoint
d. Vista

14. Virus is a.............
a. insect like aids
b. malicious program
c. important program 
d. None

15. WAN is not used
a. computer within a building 
b. computer within a country
c. computer around world 
d. computer within a region

16. To install the new font....
a. start->setting-> control panel->font
b. start->setting-> control panel->font->install new font
c. start-> control panel->font->install new font
d. start->setting-> font 17. Notepad is used for

17. Notepad is used for.......
a. data processing
b. word processor
c. text editor
d. graphics

18. To make bold face,
a. press Ctrl+B
b. Ctrl+C
c. Ctrl+D
d. Ctrl+U

19. to used under line, you must press
a. Ctrl+B
b. Ctrl+C
c. Ctrl+Z
d. Ctrl+U

20. Protocol is a
a. rules of transmitting data
b.rules of data sharing
c. rules of information processing
d. none

21. Modem is used for

a. analog to digital data conversion 
b. digital to analog data conversion
c. analog to analog data conversion 
d. both a & b

22. To create your picture, you have to which toolbar? 
a. Auto shape.
b. drawing
c. picture
d. formatting

23. To create a table in msword.
a. tools => table 
b. tools->insert table 
c. table> insert table 
d. none

24. When you cut the text what will happen in excel?
a. remove the text after the paste
b. removes the text before paste 
c. does not do anything
d. creates multiple copies without paste

25. Workbook is a ...
a. collection of worksheet 
b. collection of workbook
c. collection of workspace
d. all of the above

26. Shortcut key to move into the next sheet? 
a. Page up
b. Ctrl+Page up
 c. Cul+page down 
d. Page down

27. Graphic object is used in chart for?
a. emphases the data 
b. high light data 
c. entertainment
d. all of the above

28. Which file format is supported to programs?
a. .doc
b. .mdb
c. rtf
d. all

29. Excel formula is begins with.
a. =
b. +
d. &

30. Sum (A1+A3) equivalent with...
a. =A1+A3
b. A1 A2 A3
c. = A1+A2+A3
d.sum (A1:A3)

31. Formatting code is
a. #
b. +
c. $
d. ~

32. Fill series command is used for...........
a. to fill the series of data
b. fill the same data repeatedly polls 
c. fill with text data
d. all of the above 

33. Which format is this RAM in MS word ?
a. Mistake 
b. strikethrough
c. middle line
d. underline

34. We can view slide show by 
a. F5
b. View > slideshow
c. Slide show> View show
d: all of the above 

35. Extension of PowerPoint is.............

36. Which field type is not used in database?
a. currency 
b. number
c. text
d. single

37. Which is not including in view menu?
a. view show 
b. master slide
c. custom animation 
d. task pane

38. Primary key ...........
a. must have an unique number 
b. not null
c. used to relate with foreign key
d. all of the above

39. File extension of MS access?
c. .Mbd

40. Form is used for
a. entering and editing data
b. printing information
c. storing data
d. none source from

41. RDBMS uses data
a. Flat file
b. table
d. none

42. Full Form of RAID
a. Redundant Array of Independent Disks
b. Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks
c. Red Array of Independent Disks
d. Both a and b

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