Computer Operator Question 2063


                                लोक सेवा आयोग

राजपत्र अनंकित प्रथम श्रेणी (विविध) 

कम्प्युटर अपरेटर पद

प्रतियोगितात्मक लिखित परीक्षा २०६३

समयः ४५ मिनेट                              विषय:- सेवा सम्बन्धी                                पूर्णाङ्क: ५०

बहुउत्तर (५० x १ = ५० अंक) ।

1. When you open "My Computer" on desktop you see the information of

a Hard Disk

b. Removable disk 

c. CD

d. All of the above

 2. When you delete file, where recently store in?

a Brief case

b. CD

c. Recycle bin

d. desktop

 3. To print Window with components as is it

a. Print screen 

b. Ctrl + Copy

c. Alt + Copy

d. All

 4. Query structure

a. Field 

b. snapshot

c. Records 

d. Dynaset

 5. Which is not the function of OS? 

a. File Management 

b. Disk management.

c. Application management

d. Virus detection 

 6. Keyboard shortcut key for superscript as DN¹, which is correct

a. Ctrl+ shift++

b. Ctrl++

c. Ctrl+Alt+=

d. Ctrl+=

 7. Which is the function of macro?

a. Speed up editing & formatting

b. Automate complex task easily

c. Complete different command at once

d. All of the above 

 8. Redoing formatting

a. CTRL+W 

b. CTRI+Y 

c. CTRL+ Z

d. Ctrl+ q

 9.RJ-45 has cable

a. 2 cable 

b.6 cable 

c. 4 cable 

d. 8 cable

 10. Which is transfer most fast?

a. ROM

b. RAM


d. d. Removable Disk

 11. Which does modulation & demodulation?

a. Modem

b. De mutiplexure

c. Mutiplexure

d. All of above

 12. Which cable transfer data faster?

a) Twisted pair cable 

b) Fiber optics Cable

c.  UTP Cable

d. Coaxial cable

  13. In Ms Word header & footer will display by default

a. On first page

b. Every page

c. Even page

d. None of the above

 14.Which is the correct example of function?

 a. add(A1:A2)

b. SUM(A1:A3)

c. =A1+A2

d. Al+A2

 15. Ellipse (...) show

a. Dialog box

b. Entry box

c. window

d. Menu

  16. Which is used to boot menu?

 a. F10

 b. F9

 c. F8

 d. F7

 17. Continuous data transmission

 a. Digital computer

b. Analog computer

c. Hybrid computer

d. All of the above

 18. Where will store data first time when you copy?

a. Clipboard

b. Clip book

c. hard disk

d. Cd

 19. "Collection of character and formatting is"

a. style

b. template

c. bibliography

d. formatting

 20. How you can optimize performance of your computer?

a. Delete unused

b. Scan for virus file

c. Defrag disk

d. All of the above

 21. To save your computer from virus you will do

a, install antivirus software and run it

b. Make physical safe for the removable disk

c. Scan the removable disk before using it

d. all of the above

 22. From which you can save your computer

a Virus

b. Time bomb

c. Worm

d. All of the above

 23. In MS Word, If you check the spelling form where word check the error

 a. From top of the document

b. Form the insertion point

c. Button of the document

d. None of the above

 24. In Ms Access, if you type ? sort(abs(-81)).then it display


b. -9


d. Wrong Command

 25. Complete horizontal row of the data is called

a. Record

b. Column

c. Fields

d. None of the above

 26. If you have network and you are transfer file then what will be done

a. Uploading

b. Downloading

c. Sending Cline Email

d. Receiving Email

 27. To add new slide In PowerPoint, What is the keyboard shortcut key?


b.CTRI. + copy

c. CTRL + M

d. ALT + copy

 28. Ms Access can import file from....

a. Dbase database file

b. Excel Workbook

c. Notepad Delimited text file

d. All of the above

  29. Which is not the database Application?

a. PowerPoint

b. Ms Access

c. Excel

d All of the above

 30. You can apply Slide design scheme form

a. Slide layout

b. Slide show '

c. Slide animation above

d, all of the

 31. Which command make the text "Nepal" Capital?

a. Upper ("Nepal")

b. Capital (Nepal)

c. CAP "Nepal"

d. Capital ("nepal

 32. Which translator  translate whole source program into object program at once

a. Compiler

b. Translator

c. Interpreter

d. None of the above

 33. Which Protocol is used to transfer E-mail?

a POP3



d. None

 34. To remove extra space from the left site of string which if used?

a. Left ()

b. Ltrim()

c. Right ()

d. Rtrim()

 35. Form can be making from

 a. Table & Queries

b. Table & Report

c. Table only

d. Report & Queries

 36. <UL>……</UL> gives the

a. Bullet list

b. ordered list

c. Definition list

d. None of the above

 37. Thesaurus is used to check

a. Meaning of the word

b. Check error

c. Check the grammatical error

d. None of the above

 38. XGA, VGA are types of .........

a. Printers

b. Plotters

d. None

d. Video standards

 39. The VLSI was used in ……..generation computers.

a. First

b. Second

c. Third

d. Fourth

 40. Which of the following formula is invalid?

a, sum (04:zz5),


c. =A1+A25

d. SUM(A1,A2)

 41. Which is not valid reference in Excel?

a. Relative reference

b. Mixed reference

c. Absolute reference

d. join reference

 42. Which is not storage device?

a. Hard disk

b. zip disk

c. Floppy disk

d. Zip drive

 43. A utility that can be used to minimize the number of fragmented files and enhanced the speed.

a. Drive Space

b. Defragment

c. Scandisk

d. All of the above

 44. The gutter position can be applied for

a. Left

b. Button

c. Top

d. a & b

 45. Hyperlinks can be

a. Text

b. drawing object

c. Pictures

d. all of the above

 46. DBMS stands for

a. database managerial system

b. database management system

c. database basic managerial system

d. database basic management system

 47. OLE stands for

a. Object link & Engaging

b. object linking & Embedding

c. object like & energy

d. Online linking & embedding

  48. Table can be created ms access

a. 2 ways

b. 3 ways

c. 4 ways

d. 5 ways

 49. Tag can appear

a. Many times

b. 2 times

c. 1

d. Depends of mark-up language

50. If a1=5, b2=6, c2=10.5 then what will output of =int(sum(a1,b2,c2))

a. 21


c. 22

d. None

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